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Impeachment Drumbeat: Jimmy Breslin

Breslin.jpgJimmy Breslin lays out one of the best arguments yet for the impeachment of George Bush:

I am walking in Rosedale on this day early in the week while I wait for the funeral of Army soldier Le Ron Wilson, who died at age 18 in Iraq. He was 17 1/2 when he had his mother sign his enlistment papers at the Jamaica recruiting office. If she didn't, he told her, he would just wait for the months to his 18th birthday and go in anyway. He graduated from Thomas Edison High School at noon one day in May. He left right away for basic training. He came home in a box last weekend. He had a fast war.

The war was there to take his life because George Bush started it with bold-faced lies.

He got this lovely kid killed by lying.

If Bush did this in Queens, he would be in court on Queens Boulevard on a murder charge.

He did it in the White House, and it is appropriate, and mandatory for the good of the nation, that impeachment proceedings be started. You can't live with lies. You can't permit them to be passed on as if it is the thing to do.

Yesterday, Bush didn't run the country for a couple of hours while he had a colonoscopy at the presidential retreat, Camp David. He came out of it all right. He should now take his good health and go home, quit a job he doesn't have a clue as to how to do.

The other day, Bush said he couldn't understand why in the world would some people say that millions of Americans have no health insurance. "Why, all they have to do is go to the emergency room," he said.

Said this with the smirk, the insolent smug, contemptuous way he speaks to citizens.

People, particularly these politicians, these frightened beggars in suits, seem petrified about impeachment. It could wreck the country. Ridiculous. I've been around this business twice and we're all still here and no politician was even injured. Richard Nixon lied during a war and helped get some 58,500 Americans killed and many escaped by hanging onto helicopter skids. Nixon left peacefully. Mike Mansfield of Montana, the Democratic Senate majority leader, said on television that the Senate impeachment trial of Nixon would be televised and there would be no immunity. That meant Nixon would have to face the country under oath and if he lied he would go to prison. He knew he was finished as he heard this. Mansfield said no more. He got up and left. Barbara Walters, on the "Today" show, said, "He doesn't say very much, does he?"

The second time the subject was Bill Clinton for illegal holding in the hallway.

This time, we have dead bodies involved. Consider what is accomplished by the simple power of the word impeachment. If you read these broken-down news writers or terrified politicians claiming that an impeachment would leave the nation in pieces, don't give a moment to them.

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Comments (13)



He may have lied us into a war, but congress gave him the right to go to war. Same as the patriot act gave him the right to tap communication lines. Congress also voted approval on that.

The only thing Bush has did to be impeached for is telling Meirs to not show up after she had been serve with a subpoena. That of in it's self is against federal law. She is not part of the govt and isn't covered by any presidential authority.

I suggest you do some research, and quit spinning BS. Name one elected bottom feeder that doesn't lie! Get over his lies. The bottom line is that congress voted for, and approved the War Powers, Patriot Act, and funding for the troops.

If you want to yell for his impeachment, use the right/correct laws he has broken. Until then, your drivel is pure BS.It's as bad as the puggies always saying "Clinton did it" WaaaaWaaaWaaaaaaaaaaa.

Lee Ward:

I've got an upcoming post reference Miers, stay tuned.


Or read John Yoo in today's OpinionJournal.

Steve Crickmore:

Impeachment proceedings for both Cheney and Bush together may prove unwielding..It would require 16 Republicans, plus Lieberman to vote for an impeachment conviction.

But Mark Klieman, ignoring John Yoos asertion that Bush's broad claim of executive privilege is 'constitutional', suggests the 'Dems' consider another plan, plan B

Congressional Democrats create a crisis around the executive privilege/contempt citation issue by issuing a subpoena to Libby (with a grant of immunity), voting a contempt citatation when he doesn't show up on Bush's orders, making a referral to the U.S. Attorney that Bush blocks, and then voting a Congressional arrest warrant.

It would be contemptible for Congress to attempt to deny Libby one of his civil rights.

Congress has a crisis; it's terminal with BDS.


And you guys didn't take my hint to check up on ex parte Grossman several days ago. You might find it edifying.

>The war was there to take his life because George Bush started it with bold-faced lies.

It's a lie to say he lied. I guess that not only makes Breslin a liar, but a political hack.

As Paul over at Wizbang described, if you are incorrect, it doesn't make you a liar. Face it, you want to impeach Bush because you don't like him, which is pathetic.


Heralder, the administration said Saddaam was involved in the 9/11 attack (Prague conclave) and that Saddaam's next strike would be nuclear. AlQaeda were supposedly Baathist agents. 2 lies for war. Or 3, depending on how you're counting.

Principles for impeachment lest Bushbots be declared Enemies of the State after, say, the Clinton Restoration:


Paul Hamilton:

It ain't gonna happen. Incompetence isn't a high crime or misdemeanor. The real offense was committed by the voters back in 2004 returning this idiot to office.

Paul Hamilton:

Heralder, I believe there's plenty of evidence that Bush and/or his minions manipulated the evidence to create a case for invasion out of thin air. But again, congress voted to give him a free hand so how can they turn around and use Iraq for an excuse to impeach him. That will only work if they impeach themselves as well.

Heralder, I believe there's plenty of evidence that Bush and/or his minions manipulated the evidence to create a case for invasion out of thin air


The adjectives over here are dramatic and colorful, that's for sure. I'm still a big fan of 'Regime'.

So there was no standing case for invasion already, given the years of violated sanctions?
Can you honestly think they didn't plan for when we got there and the WMD's were nowhere to be found? It doesn't make sense to make up and lie about something so will be so obviously proven wrong...escpecially with that meta-human, Karl "Scanners" Rove on the payroll. Apparently he can make anything happen.


"Heralder, the administration said Saddaam was involved in the 9/11 attack (Prague conclave) and that Saddaam's next strike would be nuclear. AlQaeda were supposedly Baathist agents. 2 lies for war. Or 3, depending on how you're counting."

Alright Bryan D- how about some quotes to support these claims? And I know that there were claims by numerous people that there were links between Saddam and Al Qaeda, which is distinguishable. So have at it, and let me know what you find.

and I don't want the namby-pamby "its all over the place, just google it, etc. etc.".


Saddamm-AlQaeda link f/ Czech Rep (as backdrop):

"Indeed, administration officials began to hint about a Sept. 11-Hussein link soon after the attacks. In late 2001, Vice President Cheney said it was "pretty well confirmed" that attack mastermind Mohamed Atta met with a senior Iraqi intelligence official."


GWB speech on A-bomb-tossing Iraq:

"Saddam Hussein has held numerous meetings with Iraqi nuclear scientists, a group he calls his "nuclear mujahideen" -- his nuclear holy warriors...Knowing these realities, America must not ignore the threat gathering against us. Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof -- the smoking gun -- that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud."_GWB

(Yes, Cheney said "mushroom cloud" as well concerning Iraq. Youtube has it. Namby pamby me!)

PS: How IS life underwater?


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