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Republicans are the Farmers' Friends

Especially the families of many deceased farmers:

The Agriculture Department sent $1.1 billion in farm payments to more than 170,000 dead people over a seven-year period, congressional investigators say.

The findings by the Government Accountability Office were released Monday as the House prepared to debate and pass farm legislation this week that would govern subsidies and the department's programs for the next five years.

It's only money.

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Comments (4)


7 years is such an interesting, and arbritrary number. why that's how long Bush has been president. no agenda here. move right along.

what are the inflation adjusted figures per 5 year period since the subsidies started? for each of those 5 year periods, what percentage of payments went to dead farmers? that would tell us a more interesting picture i think.


Night of the Plowing Dead; I'm sure the death of most all of these folks was regretted by their relics and remainders.

My calculator says that's $9,243 per person per year? Shocking!
Wonder what the actual amount of Social Security fraud is per year?
Then cross reference that data with the actual voting history for each group and you might have an actual story.

Lee Ward:

"My calculator says that's $9,243 per person per year? Shocking!"

Congratulations, Hugh, that is probably the first time a conservative treated everyone equally.

No, I suspect some farmers' families got $50,000 a year, and some got $500 - and apparently all of those good folks from the heartland took the money and ran.

And thanks for the "story tip" - lol.


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