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July 23 Debate Roundup: Hairy for Edwards

John Edwards used the debate to address the right wing wingnuts constant harping on his haircuts with this video answer.

Click on the 'play' button in the lower left-hand corner ot play the video.

Update: Reflecting... in my opinion Edwards performance on stage sunk his chances even further. He needed a strong showing here to turn it around for him, and he failed in that regard.

At this point it appears to me that this is a two-horse race, with Clinton in the clear lead, but Obama has the momentum. If Edwards thinks Hillary might choose him as the Veep it would serve the Democratic party well for her to dissuade Mr. Edwards of that notion post-haste. At this stage the only points Edwards can score is against Clinton or Obama, and slinging mud at them does not help the party.

Thank you, John Edwards, for your strong effort. Go home and spend the rest of the race with your charming wife cheering us onto victory next November. It's time to hang up your spurs until next time.

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