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Why Cheney Told Leahy to F&#* Himself

Think Progress Commentary:

In a "chance meeting" on the Senate floor with Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) in June 2004, Vice President Cheney told Leahy to "f*ck yourself." According to Leahy's spokesman, the "exchange began when Leahy crossed the aisle at the photo session and joked to Cheney about being on the Republican side." Cheney then "'lashed into' Leahy for remarks he...made criticizing Iraq contracts won without competitive bidding by Halliburton."

In the new biography of the Vice President by Stephen Hayes, Cheney claims that the reason he shouted the expletive was because Leahy had been too "close" to him:

Leahy came over and put his arm around me. And he didn't kiss me but it was close to it. So I flashed and I told him -- I dropped the F-bomb on him. ... It was heartfelt.

The lies just keeping getting bigger and bigger. How much longer before the Bushbots' heads explode?

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Comments (2)

U.P. Man:

He said or he said? Who is lying?

Got it on tape? Or digital recorder?

Also, according to Lee don't you have anything better to comment on? This is 3 years old?

See Lee's

"July 23 Debate Roundup: Hairy for Edwards"

Paul Hamilton:

It's news because this story is in the Cheney book that was just released this week.

As for the story itself, sounds to me like he's using gay panic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_panic_defense) as an excuse for acting like a boor. That's even lamer than usual...


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