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Ron Paul: Kingmaker?

from Andrew Sullivan:

A reader writes:

I was reading your posts about Ron Paul's candidacy [YouTube Paul convert here], and I had an idea that I'm surprised nobody else has thought of (to my knowledge). Paul isn't going to win the Republican nomination. But I believe he is poised to become the most significant third-party candidate in 2008. Other potential independents -- Michael Bloomberg in particular -- seem to want to run as independents just because neither major party will have them. That's true of Paul, too. But Paul, unlike Bloomberg, will have the support of a party: the Libertarian Party.

The question is whether or not there are sufficient numbers of traditional conservatives who are disgusted enough with Bush's mutilation of their principles who would follow Paul to a third party. It probably depends on who the Pubs nominate -- it it's someone who wants to treat the presidency like the papacy, such as Romney, it just might happen. If it's somebody who is a little more moderate, like Rudy, then they might hold their nose and vote Pub anyway.

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Comments (6)


Cue the tunes, bD. Or toons.


How about that cartoon, Ward Churchill?

civil behavior:


Don't even go there. Ward Churchill is so far above your level of intelligence (or shall I say your convoluted riddles). In your case there is no hope of making a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Ward is Hermes, you are dollar store.

You seem to think your grammatical gyrations are somehow enlightening. You posit thoughts as though they are some enigma for deep contemplation.

You flatter yourself.


Actually, I think you've flattered me.

civil behavior:

Oh yes, it was certainly meant as a compliment. Most definitely.


Now is when I wish I could do that little trick so you could see the screen go back and forth between one of Ward's works of art and the original Native American work he copied it from.


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