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Edwards Proposes Shift in Tax Burdens

Townhall story:

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards on Thursday unveiled a plan that would increase taxes for the wealthy and create tax breaks for the middle class.

"It's time for us to put America's economy back in line with our values. It's time for us to put an end to George Bush's war on work," he told a packed theater at Grand View College in Des Moines, Iowa. "It's time to restore fairness to a tax code that has been driven completely out of whack by the lobbyists in Washington, by the powerful interests in Washington and by those who value the few above the interests of many."

He added that, "It should not be in America that the middle class carries the tax burden, and that's exactly what's happening."

Edwards' plan would fix what he called a "rigged" system by ending tax breaks to Washington insiders with wealth and corporate power. Those are the same people, he said, who keep politicians in power.

If he keeps talking like this, he might get my support yet...

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Comments (12)


How exactly does the middle class carry the tax burden when the top 20% pay over 81% of federal taxes??

This is just another lie from Edwards, and I wondering if anyone here is honest and intellectual enough to call him on it.


Show me the money.


Or was it rigged?


Edwards knows know other way than to exaggerate the damages of victims. We never had it so good; nay, no one any where ever had it so good. Remember that after the next Democratic Administration.

Lee Ward:

"How exactly does the middle class carry the tax burden when the top 20% pay over 81% of federal taxes??"

The middle-class bears a burden under their tax load to a much higher extent than the top wealthy 20% suffers under theirs.

There's nothing to call Edwards on, and I wouldn't hesitate to do so if there was, but he's correct.

Edwards said: "It should not be in America that the middle class carries the tax burden, and that's exactly what's happening" and he's right, the middle-class is burdened under their tax load, the upper-class is not burdened by theirs.


Top 20% pay 81% of taxes, middle 60% pay about 14% of taxes.

Maybe if dems didnt want to tax everything so much....

Middle class is making what, 70-100K? maybe they need to learn to save more, rather than buy every new toy that comes out.

Lee Ward:

or let them eat cake.


Or burden my ass.


What percentage of the country's wealth does the top 20% represent? Or perhaps more to the point, the top 1-2%? If they earn it, it should be taxed. Without loopholes.

Lee Ward:

Waaaa! then the rich won't be able to by a Hummer for their daughter's 16th birthday -- Waaaaaa.


Here is a question that no "progressive" wants to answer.

What percentage of taxes do people making the median income in Great Britian, Norway, Germany, or Canada pay versus someone making the median income in the U.S.pay.

For all the talk of the left about how great European socialism is they always avoid talking about the extremely high level of taxes that the middle class pay in those countries.


How come libs argue for 'choice' sometimes, but are so against 'choice' when it comes to kids schools, and your own money?

Libs whine(well, about everything) about the rich paying taxes, but they havent spoken up when BreckGirl took his income as 'dividend' a few yrs back so as to avoid taxed, and that fatdrunkenkiller Kennedy hides his familys ill-gotten booty in an offshore account.

Tax revenue isnt the problem, spending is the problem.

Why do libs always worry about OPM? I could care less if someone makes 400K. The tax cuts have helped EVERYONE who have paid taxes, but the glass half empty crowd things everyone should have gotten an equal amount of tax savings. Wonder if libs will ever agree to a single flat tax, which is fair for everyone.


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