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Some Good News from Iraq

from Andrew Sullivan:

The encouraging developments in those parts of Iraq not on the sectarian faultline - Kurdistan, some Sunni areas, like Anbar, a handful of Shiite population centers - are important to absorb. Even the Observer in London (the Guardian's sister-paper) has taken note. But it's equally important to realize what they tangibly mean. They mean that in mainly homogeneous regions, serious counter-insurgency tactics can work in creating more peaceful expectations and thereby peaceful communities. (Think what might have been done if we'd had this in place in 2003.)

I don't know that it would have made any real difference if we had started in 2003 because we never had the troop strength to really stop the violence between the factions in Iraq. The real bottom line here seems to be that if a place has a ethnically homogeneous population, there's not much violence, and the violence that does take place is resisted by the population.

So maybe the solution to the problems in Iraq are to realize that some folks are just destined to not get along, and to quit pretending that American-style democracy is a panacea. Iraq is an artificial nation just like Yugolavia was, and like like Yugoslavia, the solution to long-term stability is to divide the nation into three parts and secure the borders between them. That's much better than to maintain an effort to create a melting pot with elements that are explosive when mixed.

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If milbloggers did not exist, The New Republic would have to invent one.

Lee Ward:

Who's to say they haven't?

The right is chasing their tail on the Beauchamp story -- indicative that the right is no longer arguing if the war is lost, but trying to figure out who to blame it on before the election.

It's Capitulation with a capital 'C'. The Blue Team will be doing our end zone happy dances shortly.

Linking to Michelle Malkin was enough of an excuse to bring Lorie Byrd out of semi-retirement. Wow - it's breaking news!.


God, how badly you want us to lose.

Lee Ward:



Beauchamp either failed to report crimes to his superiors or lied to make the military look bad; in either case he is in BIG TROUBLE.

All so that The New Republic's readers could remain in denial about what is happening in Iraq. Why the necessity to maintain your delusions? Why go to that effort, and probably needlessly sacrifice the future of this hopelessly untalented 'sweet polar bear'.

Hint: get a load of his blog, Sir Real Scott Thomas.


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