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Turmoil in the Thompson Camp

Crooks and Liars commentary:

Wow, there's a lot of stories coming out about Fred Thompson's stealth campaign for the Republican nomination. Can you imagine if he actually declared? First there was the story of his would be campaign manager being pushed aside, allegedly due to friction with Fred's wife, Jeri Kuhn, herself a GOP operative. And the next day, another staffer resigned, reportedly for his frustration (after just a week and a half) with the lack of structure for the as yet undeclared campaign. However, the good news is that Thompson appears to be wooing McCain campaigners (That's well thought out, seeing as McCain's campaign is doing so well and raising lots of funds /snark), so perhaps those positions will not remain empty too long.

It was obvious that there was some sort of issue by the fact that he just dropped completely off the radar about a month ago. In these days of shorter and shorter news cycles, it'll be interesting to see if he can recover from this absence from the headlines.

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Lee Ward:

If I recall correctly Thompson's campaign is required to file a report on 7/31, so maybe he'll come out of the closet then (?)

Thompson is a phony - I cant wait him to declare so the world can see what he's really made of.


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