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Republican Lions Acting Cowardly

Apparently most of the Republican presidential candidates are afraid of the citizen-driven format of the upcoming CNN/YouTube Debate that's now only six weeks away.

I'd have guessed that Fred Thompson would be too damned afraid to let everyone see he's nothing more than a paper-mache lion, but I'd have thought Rudy and Romney would be willing to step up to the plate. Not so - so far at least. Nicole at Crooks and Liars lets 'em have it:

Jose Antonio Vargas of the Washington Post reports:

    Four days after the Democratic debate in Charleston, S.C,. more than 400 questions directed to the GOP presidential field have been uploaded on YouTube -- targeted at Republicans scheduled to get their turn at videopopulism on Sept. 17.

    But so far, only Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) have agreed to participate in the debate, co-hosted by Republican Party of Florida in St. Petersburg.

    "Aside from those two candidates, we haven't heard from anyone else," said Sam Feist of CNN, who's co-sponsoring the debate with the popular videosharing site.

Aww....whassamatter, Republicans? Afraid to stand up to the scrutiny of non-loyalty oath-signed crowds? Can't stand to answer for all the misdeeds of the rubberstamp Republican majority for the first five years of the Bush Administration? Don't want to justify your continuing loyalty to party over country? Afraid to have to answer to the grieving mother of a fallen soldier?

Hmmm....didn't stop the RNC from encouraging their mailing list to send in questions for the Democratic candidates, did it?

The Republican National Committee encouraged conservatives to send in hard-hitting questions to pin down them gol-danged liberalz, but are big bad Rudy and Flip-Flopping Mitt really this afraid? Appears so...


The New York Daily News says it looks like there's but a "snowman's chance" of a CNN/YouTube Republican debate. Giuliani said "scheduling issues" would likely keep him away; McCain called questions from a snowman "frankly inappropriate"; and Romney said "the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman." The New York Post says Giuliani's camp is concerned about the proximity of the Sept. 17th date to the close of the third quarter -- Sept. 30th.

GIULIANI: The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder also notes that Giuliani might skip the YouTube debate. [...]

I think it'll be a huge mistake for the front-running Republicans to boycott the debate. Their thinly-disguised cowardice is really showing here. It really makes them look like aloof, pompous jackasses!

UPDATE: Some on the right are calling for the Republican candidates to stand up on their hind legs and be the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (and Mormon) Macho Men we know they are... or thought they were anyway.

Does it surprise anyone that these vaulted Republicans "leaders" have to be lead around and told the right thing to do?

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Comments (16)

civil behavior:

Chicken sh**, chickenhawks.

What else would we expect?

Big Jer:

Debate!...now that is laughable!
Any Republican candidat with common sense would avoid that goofy format..

Lee Ward:

Big Jer apparently likes his candidates over-easy...


90 minute Ron Paul question time: YESSSS!

But of course the others can't let that happen.

I think Ghouliani is ducking Paul and the Youtube Truthers and NYFD.

Meanwhile Romney is having recurring nightmares of doo doo dog denials and follow-ups on live TV.

I think those two got together and might not show up, will have quite humble pie dinner date at Signatures Restaurant.

Everybody else will be there.

Lee Ward:

Conventional wisdom from the left, based on what I've been reading anyway, suggests that Fred Thompson will continue to cower in his corner beyond the mid-September CNN/YouTube debate as well.

These are the nutcakes the right tells us we need in the White House to stand up to terrorists, and they're afraid of a US citizen armed with a video camera. Impressive....

U.P. Man:

Wait, wait, didn't you all say that the Democrats where standing by their convictions by not appearing on a Fox News channel debate? You know they should help that "right leaning" FAUX News channel...

Why should the Republican go to a debate on CNN?

Personally, I think the Republicans should go on CNN, and I bet 90% of the questions will be along the line of

Have you stopped beating you wife/mistress or both?

What do you not like about President Bush?

Turn to the person to your right and tell us what you despise about them.

Lee Ward:

Romney, FThompson, and Giuliani are afraid to go on the CNN/YouTube debate because the format means they can't be rehearsed by their handlers and will have to rely on their wits instead.

That puts them on a distinct disadvantage, and they have too much to lose.

Brave, brave men, these Republicans....

U.P. Man:

Just like the Democrats are in capable of handling tough question from Fox? Boy what brave, brave people those Democrats......


Watching a C-SPAN rerun of today's Romney town hall meeting in Iowa. Says he will DEFINITLY NOT appear at the Youtube debate, citing the questioners not being "respectful". Then goes on to lay-out his plan to require "a button" on every computer manufactured after his swearing-in. An anti-porn "button". (That's what the man said!)

Radical internet wrecker ahead.


Next, the Secret Service will be tasked with preventing assassination by YouTube. You do understand a camera is a weapon?


And I thought the Grand Old Perverts were the ones with all the good ideas on how to run this country. They spew a lot of BS, but can't answer honest questions from the people they want to be in charge of.

Guess they are scared of being forced to think on their own.

Lee Ward:

Right, they'll have to respond to questions for which they are unrehearsed and uncoached, and apparently they can't make that grade.

Not a single Democrat ran away from that challenge, but look at the Republicans scatter like cockroaches.

Lee Ward:

"Just like the Democrats are in capable of handling tough question from Fox? Boy what brave, brave people those Democrats......"

THe Democrats boycotted the Fox Debates to protest the biased and unfair treatment they'd receive from Fox, which is not a legitimate news organization in the first place.

The Republicans aren't making a similar stand here. None of them are objecting to the debate being on CNN, they are objecting to the fact that they have to answer direct questions from Americans on national television in a debate setting.

Pure chickenshit.

U.P. Man:

No, they are not objecting to questions from the American people they are object to questions being chosen by CNN. Or do you believe those question where asked in the order they where recieved? Voted on by the public prior to asking?

Lee Ward:

Aw, come on UP - they aren't claiming anything of the sort - quit making up crap. Giuliani claims he has scheduling conflicts, and Romney objects to the "silliness" of the citizen-generated videos. Fred Thompson just cowers in the corner sucking his thumb.

Show us where any of these candidates "object to questions being chosen by CNN."

I'll call Bullshit on that - show us where they've said that. Now. Show us. A link, a quote, tell me where it exists and I'll link to it for you.

U.P. Man:

I'll call your bullshit and raise yor horseshit.

Where is their statement saying they don't want to answer question from the people?

And are you telling me the question the Democrats got where for the most part not silly?

Look to your left and tell a something you like about that person?

And other the for Fred Thompson you gave valid reason for them not to attend the CNN/Youtube debate.

Now be honest, who chose the questions? If Dem's stayed away from Fox why shouldn't Republicans stay away from CNN?


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