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Revisiting Al Gore

gore2.jpgBefore we resolve ourselves to eight years of Billary in the White House, let's not forget Al's there in the wings, waiting for his cue.

There's nothing new to report on the effort to draft Gore since the initial flurry of news a month ago over the release of the draft Gore radio ad in Iowa, but remember that Gore showed strength against Hillary in a New Hampshire poll in those same few days of Gore worship. From a sheer electability standpoint, Gore could end up being the better choice.

Need more convincing? Here's the draft Gore video, the draftgore.com website, and the Wizbang Blue Al Gore archive of these and other Gore posts.

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Comments (10)

Paul Hamilton:

Bill, Hillary, Algor, McCain... Jeez did I warp back to the year 2000?

Let's let somebody else try it...

Nothing new to report? 100,000 signatures delivered to his door-step!


Plus some more Gore grassroots news soon to come... !

Before we resolve ourselves to eight years of Billary in the White House, let's not forget Al's there in the wings, waiting for his cue.
What's his "cue?"

The first stanza to Sent in the Clowns.

100,000 signatures delivered to his door-step!

On recycled paper? Or did you guys just slash and burn a portion of rain forest and bought a few carbon credits from The Gorecles company?

And BTW, 100,000 thousand signatures out of potentially 100 MILLION voters?

How unimpressive!


I thought Al Gore had stopped putting starch in his skivvies, and then I heard him lead the Live Earth Pledge:

"All right, child-ren...let us take out our cray-ons..."

I'm convinced he could still beat Hillary with that, but she's a horrible speaker, too.

I recommend medical marijuana.


In '04 the Dems tripped up by thinking that 'Anybody but Bush' could beat Bush. Now they think 'Nobody can beat Hillary'; well Thompson's
'Nobody' and could beat Hillary in a New York Minute.



I recommend medical marijuana.

Not surprising, in fact it explains a lot about the vast majority of your comments.


Stupid study, though. It remarks on the fact that causality is not addressed and then speculates as if it were proven.


Marc -- can you name another political candidate who has inspired 100,000 grassroots supporters come together to sign a draft petition? can you name another candidate who has inspired multiple draft PACs, websites, and other grassroots groups? The Gore for President movement is bigger, broader, and deeper than any other grassroots modern political movement -- and we are growing!

Gore/Obama 2008 - Leadership for the 21st Century


GoreHub, would you whisper 'Svensmark' in Big Al's ear, please?


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