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Why is the Lying Man Still In Charge of the Law? (video)

Click on the 'play' button in the center-bottom to play the video.

Comedy Central has an 8/27 expiration date on this video.

"There were times people were asked to leave because, quite frankly, there was legitimate cause", says Gonzales, which of course means there wasn't legitimate cause in some instances.

This man has no business being in the top law enforcement position in the country.

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You haven't checked the Speaker's speech on this matter. You should. She is one of the Gang of 8.

Schumer is losing it. It is desperate politics to mess with the Supreme Court. He will make the nutroots happy, and enrage everyone else.

Remember, the famous hospital visit was on the eve of the Spanish Bombings. Chuckie is mad to pursue this.

And wait until you see what Patrick Leahy wrote 8 years ago in defense of Executive Privilege.




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