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A Video Tribute to Tom Snyder

This video is getting a lot of play today. It's an NBC compilation of highlights from Snyder's "Tomorrow" show. Snyder's show followed NBC's "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" from 1973 to 1982, when it went off the air and was replaced by David Letterman.


In that NBC compilation, he talks about homosexuality with Elton John; marijuana with Cheech and Chong; fear with Alfred Hitchcock; and guilt with Charles Manson. Muhammad Ali gave him the Howard Cosell treatment, but Howard Cosell's own charges -- that Mr. Snyder was a network stooge -- were beaten back in an uncharacteristically furious way. "I work for the people of America, that's who I work for."

Click on the play button in the lower left-hand corner to play the video.

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Comments (4)


I'll always have a soft spot fot Tom Snyder and the Tomorrow Show. Growing up in various Army Towns in the 70s(avg. pop. 20,000) with 2 or 3 stations, (usually no UHF) not only did he prolong the blue light til 1am (for a kid in the old days, a big deal), but the shows were actually, objectively GOOD.

Manson, Lennon, massage parlors, good stuff!


LEE! LEE! *jumping up and down*

-totally off-topic BUT...
They're totally going turtle-time Over There (WizClassic):
ergo: FIRST post by "Ken Hoop" (new non-B'bot) to Lori's post,

_A War We Might Just Win_

comment 20. Posted by Ken Hoop | July 30, 2007 6:15 PM:

"Lies by already discredited empire-protectors, Israel-firsters and Likudniks in particular, were to be expected as the last means Hail Mary
tactic of protracting as long as possible
American intervention in Iraq.
exposes a few of them, already wearisome."

"(Editor's note: say buh-bye, Ken.)"

WTF! Get Jay Tea to Ponn Far clinic STAT!

(I guessed it was JT by the "buh" couch potato reference)

I had a suggestion (Nasty CIVIL WAR!), but carry on... I got it off my chest (and in "print"), and my girlfriend was looking at me cross-eyed and now she isn't and I feel better now...

Calling Jay Tea: Grow some. Or try Amazon reviews. Or get a world view you can honestly defend. Fatso.


PS: If I get banned by further up the food chain, remember this My Son(tm): Use Republican arguments against the Bushbots and Chickenhawks when at all possible.

May their scrotums be your tobacco pouch!

Lee Ward:

(I guessed it was JT by the "buh" couch potato reference)

It could be JT, or it could be Paul - I'm pretty sure it was Paul deleting my comments yesterday.

I had pointed out the the NY Times piece supporting a win in Iraq was actually an Op-Ed by O'Hanlon and Pollack, and not a "media report" or "NY Times" piece - just a contributor OP-Ed (One step above a letter to the editor) and that comment was purged within minutes of posting.

I posted it again, deleted again.

You won't be banned here, bryan, based on anything you've done so far here.

btw - I suspect Jay and Paul's scrotums are too small for a suitable tobacco pouch. It takes a real chickenshit to delete and ban opposing viewpoints simply because they "oppose." Rather than come back and argue with opposing viewpoints, these punks just delete the comments and then tell more lies.

That's soooo Republican.


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