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Fred Thompson's Fundraising Efforts Failing

I sure hope it wasn't the efforts of left-wing bloggers that held the conservative money-people back from fully supporting Thompson's candidacy, but where he needed to raise $5 million in the month of June, Freddy the Failure only came up with $3 million. Awww.....

Presumptive presidential candidate Fred Thompson on Tuesday will report raising roughly $3 million in one month for his all-but-certain White House bid, Republican officials said.[...]

The amount Thompson raised for his committee to ``test the waters'' of a presidential bid lags the original $5 million goal backers set for June, the first month in which he set out to raise money.

Thompson did, however, collect more than several other Republicans did in their initial fundraising months as prospective candidates. Still, Thompson's take doesn't even compare to the stunning $6.5 million haul that Mitt Romney collected on a single day in January as he was exploring a bid.Presumptive presidential candidate Fred Thompson on Tuesday will report raising roughly $3 million in one month for his all-but-certain White House bid, Republican officials said.[...]

Although Thompson has refused to say definitively that he's a candidate for president, he has operated as an unofficial one for two months, hiring staff, opening headquarters and holding fundraisers. He had been expected to enter the race in the summer but the timeline has been pushed back until September at the earliest.

For a "testing the waters" campaign to show up 40% short of their fundraising goal-- well, those waters don't look too friendly. I expect Fred to continue to fail now that he's shown his supporters that he can't raise the money for a viable run. Who wants to throw good money towards a failure?

All of the hype and hope, dashed on the "reality rocks" again. Tsk tsk... poor conservatives, what will you do now?

What Republican opponent Mitt "Watch Me Flip" Romney plans to do is attack Thompson on the basis of his inexperience managing government.

Mitt Romney has been increasing his assault on the Democratic front-runners recently. During a recent campaign swing, he returned to a theme found in his earliest speeches: "The Democratic candidates want to run the largest enterprise in the world--the government of the United States--and yet have never run a corner store.'' To make sure reporters get the point, Romney's campaign has sent e-mails highlighting this attack and links to local wire stories featuring it.

Republican voters usually like to hear their candidates beat up the opposition, so the broad attack helps Romney in his effort to look like the party front-runner. But according to Romney insiders, the former Massachusetts governor is not just aiming at Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. His other, perhaps more salient target, is fellow Republican Fred Thompson. Like the Democratic front-runners, Fred Thompson has also never run anything, though he has pretended to run all kinds of things in his many films. Romney is laying the groundwork against Thompson now and plans to make the charge explicitly when the actor gets into the race.

rudydrag.jpgUPDATE: So I guess that leaves this "guy" as the great hope for the GOP in November 2008?

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Comments (8)

Rudy Giuliani raised just $258,660.00 in his first month, and John McCain raised $1,130,351.00 in his. In month #1 for the Romney campaign, Mitt loaned his campaign $850,000 of his personal fortune.

So Old Fred didn't do too badly by raising over $3 Mil in 26 days. You might want to hold off digging his political grave for him for a while yet...

Paul Hamilton:

After the initial splash, there's been just about nothing to report from Fred. The appearances he has made have generally disappointed his listeners, one of which said something like, "he talked about apple pie and motherhood but nothing specific." Again, I say that the more time passes, the less there seems to be of the man behind the curtain.

Lee Ward:

Romney raised over $6 million his first month. Yes, that included a loan, but subtract out the loan and you still have over $5 million. Get real, Sturm.

Thompson's $3 million puts him neck to neck with.... Ron Paul, but slightly ahead of Tom Tancredo, in money raised so far.

To date (according to the FEC website, which I believe does not include the month of June totals for these candidates) -

Romney has raised $44 million
Giuliani has raised $34 million
Obama has raised $56 million
Clinton has raised $64 million

Good Old Fred has raised $3 million

At this rate, Fred may have a shot at the 2016 election.... Seriously, he needed to raise an amount comparable to the other candidates to be in the running. He should be raising an amount comparable to what the other candidates raised in June in order to be competitive.

Suggesting otherwise, Sturm, is just plain Republican spin.

Lee Ward:

And no matter which way you turn, Fred needed - by his own campaigns' determination -- to raise $5 million.

That was their goal, and they fell short by 40%.

P. Bunyan:

You have good reason to fear Thompson, Lee & Paul. When you evil leftists nominate Hillary, Fred will look sooooooo much better to the "independent" (a.k.a., "clueless") voters.

And Hillary won't get most of her support from those who are voting against her opponent like Kerry did in '04, so you're doomed.

Well, don't let it get you down too much. If you live in a evil socialist state you'll still be able to kill any inconvenient children you create.

Lee Ward:

Ah yes, Mr. Bunyan reveals himself to be one the of the deranged anti-abortionist wackos. No surprise there.

P. Bunyan:

I have never hid my opposition to genocide in any form. That's why I so much oppose and loathe leftists and Democrats. Your side of the aisle just keeps piling up the bodies.

That should be a bumpersticker on every Democrat's car:

If you're in favor of Homocide & Murder vote Democrat!

50 million babies killed! 200 Million childern and adults killed!

Vote for Hillary - Let's kill another 50 million!

Lee Ward:

Your lather is showing, Mr. Bunyan, wipe your chin.


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