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Hillary's Commitment to American Labor? "Outsourcing works both ways"

Hillary: "Well,of course I know that they outsource jobs, that they've actually brought jobs to Buffalo. They've created 10 jobs in Buffalo and have told me and the Buffalo community that they intend to be a source of new jobs in the area, because, you know, outsourcing does work both ways".. Taken from a Common Dreams/LA Times article. Read more:

BUFFALO, N.Y. - To many labor unions and high-tech workers, the Indian giant Tata Consultancy Services is a serious threat - a company that has helped move U.S. jobs to India while sending thousands of foreign workers on temporary visas to the United States.

So when Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) came to this struggling city to announce some good news, her choice of partners was something of a surprise.

Joining Tata Consultancy's chief executive at a downtown hotel, Clinton announced that the company would open a software development office in Buffalo and form a research partnership with a local university. Tata told a newspaper that it might hire as many as 200 people...

Since Tata arrived in Buffalo, "the reality is that it probably created many more jobs for workers overseas and displaced lots of American workers," said Ronil Hira, a public policy professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a prominent critic of outsourcing.

Hillary who doesn't like the term 'liberal' but prefers the word 'progressive' instead, is still inextricably wedded to Bill Clinton's 'neo-liberal globalization' policies (and why not, they are providing the enormous funds needed for her campaign). And new challenges like climate change invariably present themselves in a 'win-win' situation, (especially to Hillary) but does this facile idea of outsourcing jobs here and abroad, represent progress for American labor? I think not.

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"...is still inextricably wedded to Bill Clinton's 'neo-liberal globalization' policies"

Neo-liberal/ neoconservative: the Janus face(s) of the New World Order

i.e. Privatization of EVERYTHING (for profit!)

(Billary's cleavage/Healthplan
notwithstanding!...playing to the cheap seats, etc.)

Good catch, Steve!


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