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Sen. Ted Stevens Home Searched by FBI, IRS

More corruption on the right:

Agents from the FBI and Internal Revenue Service on Monday searched the home of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, an official said.

Investigators arrived at the Republican senator's home in Girdwood shortly before 2:30 p.m. Alaska time, said Dave Heller, FBI assistant special agent.

Heller said he could not comment on the nature of the investigation.

The Justice Department has been looking into the seven-term senator's relationship with a wealthy contractor as part of a public corruption investigation.

Background here.

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Comments (20)


Yep he is the bridge to nowhere bottom feeder. Really funny, both Senators (R) and the only congressman (R) are all under investigation.

The list of Grand Old Preverts under investigation just keeps growing. Course the puggies can always blame old cash in the freezer Jefferson, and bitch he didn't resign. But you NOTICE they never mentioned Ney (R) Ohio, who after pleading guilty never resigned until he had to report to the pen?

They sure love their SPIN, don't they. But the truth is, all politicians are 2 notches below child molesters, and mostly likely their all crooks.

P. Bunyan:

"the seven-term senator's"

Prolly has a lot more to due with it than the (R) after his name.

& Lol at Allen's delusions.

Paul Hamilton:

You nailed it, Bunyan. Get re-elected that much and you start to feel invulnerable. That's why he was not only breaking the law, but engaging in worst pork-barrel politics in the entire senate. His projects put anything Sen Byrd has done to shame.


funny how this issue does not get any mention at the GOP side of wizbang. No comments from jaytea, kim, etc?

Lee Ward:

They ignore Republican bad news at Wizbang!, and if you mention any bad news on any of the comment threads, or even just oppose their viewpoints, Jay Tea, Paul and DJ will delete the comment and/or ban the commenter.

They are nothing more than thought-Nazis, busily running up and down the comment threads deleting comments that argue against their viewpoint.

It's a damn shame.


It's kind of amusing actually, watching them go to great lengths, turning over rocks to find any little tidbit of a story they can "expose" as yet another example of the left's supposed pathologic hatred of America. It can't be easy for the rabid 20 percenters over on the BigWiz site, but I guess as long as they have Michael Moore and Hillary to use as objects of their wrath, they'll be content to shamble along, blissfully unaware of any current reality.

P. Bunyan:

"They ignore Republican bad news at Wizbang!"

Yes! Wizblue does such an excellent job of reporting all the bad news for the Democrats!


You are such a hypocrite, Ward. In fact, I bet that "Leeward" will become synonymous with "hypocrite" in much the same way as "Clinton" has become synonymous with "obvious, but straight-faced, liar"

And Hamilton-- trying to compare Stevens to Byrd? That's rich. Yup, Steven's is just like a typical nigger-hating Democrat. Yeah, right...

P. Bunyan:

And groucho, people come to Wizblue where there are examples every day of " the left's...pathologic hatred of America", not Wizbang.

But it's o.k. You seem like the type who's easily confused.

Lee Ward:

Looks like Bunyan's prescription ran out before his welfare check arrived.

P. Bunyan:

Sorry Lee, I'm not a Democrat.

I've only ever received 1 unenployment check my entire life and that just for the 3 days that it took me to find a new job.


I know all about the ban....I wear my wizbang ban like a badge of honor.

Lee Ward:

If you've been banned by Jay Tea then you must be a patriot.


Lee, I think even the loyalists at WizReg are starting to gripe about the new deleting policy. Langtry and Oyster want to play with you but you keep getting Dissappeared! re: the Brown thread.

Note to Kevin: the editors are exhibiting shellshock and need R and R. They're messing with your legacy. Screwing with the carberater.

Lee Ward:

Kevin, bryanD is right. Leaving Jay Tea and Paul in charge of policy is like leaving two 12 year-olds to mind the candy store. Jay has taken it upon himself to ignore the comment policy, and Paul is only too eager to be his loyal, drooling sidekick "Igor", and now a number of people have been banned and a number of comments deleted simply because they have opposing viewpoints which Jay and Paul feel shouldn't be heard.

That's about as un-American as you can get, and instead of "Explosively Unique" Wizbang is becoming "Predictably Mundane."


Candy Monster and Igor. That's funny!

"Explosively Unique" Wizbang is becoming "Predictably Mundane". Mmm-hmm. A bit, though I still read the comments. They're like sheep entrails.

Kevin needs to combine Blue and Classic. With editorial sovereignty vested in the post author or himself (since JayTea is an escapist). Will encourage reading comprehension and cardio workout. There is a new paradigm afoot. A generational revanching of left-right, W being the wrecker and all.

And looking at the Wizbang posting policies you linked to, lee, I got screwed. Getting called "batshit" and banned by a 40 year old virgin in a Star Trek costume...


Oh, and Ted Stevens? As a paleocon, I say: run'em, sweat'em, whip'em, and flay'em.

Or fine him and put him in jail.

Yeah, the second one! Golden rule!

Lee Ward:

Jay's duck made him do it, bryan.... He's slavish devotion to a beanbag toy is weirder than weird. Jay revealing his comic.con fetish made me turn away and go ewwww....

Re your banning, I suggest writing Kevin an email:


and just asking him to restore your commenting status. Dollars to donuts he says yes. It really is that simple.

Several of us in the blue hats proposed a merger of Blue and Red back on day 1. Kevin said Nyet -- I suspect the WaaWaa'ers at Wizbang were frightened of the competition and he knew they'd have walked out on him.


I'm all for combining blue and wizbang, but I don't really want to be able to post there. Posting there is like banging your head into a wall. It's pointless. To the majority of the posters there if dubya told them that the world is flat and water is not wet, they would start making arguments so support what he said. There is no talking sense to them. I have much more fun just reading and shaking my head.

As for corrupt politicians this is a nice article to sum up who is being investigated. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8QNORK00&show_article=1


"Re your banning, I suggest writing Kevin an email_lee"

Oh, it's no biggie. Especially now. It's interesting enough to be an impersonal observer as the hippopatami and the crocs and the terrapins try to fit into August's ever-shrinking (former watering hole, now) mud-hole of Bushian credibility.

Plus the neocon multimedia Battle of the Bulge gambit based on the NYT O'Hanlon puff piece (charter warmongers since 2003) as OBJECTIVE proof of progress? PRICELESS! 100% Delusional!

To put my amateur antiquary hat on: (IF there's a decrease in violence, it's because) IT'S TOO HOT! Arabs take the summers off from fighting. It's like 14th century winter in temperate climes. Remember the neocon scoff: "they're" medieval. Everybody's right some time. (Hell, the Swiss even lost in winter! The Pointy-Hat/Cowl War, forgot the German translation; Swiss, French, and Teutonic knights lose to "Italians" and Bavarians. Ouch! Lesson re-learnt!)

"I suspect the WaaWaa'ers at Wizbang were frightened of the competition and he knew they'd have walked out on him.
Posted by Lee Ward"

How 'bout kim===? DEFINETLY inner-directed!

"There is no talking sense to them.-jeff"

Besides the point. Speak to the great unwashed!

PS: Speaking of the Great Unwashed: I wonder if there is a traffic decrease in the past 30 days? The -Brown- post (and a few others) have had interesting comments, but the increased make-work filler crap on the mainboard has increased at the expense of Issues and classical Apologetics (active defense). To the interested surfer, issues of the day are important since the theme is politics. Krazy Kriminals is strictly filler.

Lee Ward:

"Plus the neocon multimedia Battle of the Bulge gambit based on the NYT O'Hanlon puff piece (charter warmongers since 2003) as OBJECTIVE proof of progress? PRICELESS! 100% Delusional!"

Yeah, quite a spectacular display of lying on Lorie Byrd's part. I commented on her post mentioning that the piece was an op-ed contributor column, not a "New York Times" report as the right wing blogosphere ws suggesting -- and Lorie deleted the comment, and subsequent follow up comments which attempted to set the record straight! What amazing dishonesty on her part. . She was intentionally lying to her readers.

Re traffic over at Wizbang old school -- Yes, I checked. Wizbang traffic has taken a big hit lately - looks like their lies are catching up with them.


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