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Mitt Romney is a Hypocrite

hidden_beauty.jpgYou may recall, astute readers, that Mitt "Flipper" Romney has been whining that he didn't want to participate in the September 12th CNN/YouTube Republican debates. Well, catch what "Flipperino" Romney had to say last week about YouTube:

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney traveled along the Interstate 35 corridor near the site of next month's straw poll Thursday, promoting his call to try to keep pornography away from children.

"I want to enforce our obscenity laws," Romney told about 70 people at a campaign-sponsored "ice-cream social" at a park clubhouse in Story City, not far from Ames, the home of the Aug. 11 Iowa GOP straw poll.

"I want to make sure we keep retailers from selling adult video games to kids," he said. "And I want to make sure people who are using the Internet as a way to become predators on kids--that we stop that once and for all."

Okay, so far it's just the usual Republican "Family Values" gross hypocrisy. You see, Mitt sat on the board of directors of hotel chain Marriott for 10 years (1992-2001), and Marriott proudly features pay-per-view pornographic movies in most of their hotel properties.

Talk all you want about 'protecting children', Mitt, but all it takes is a few clicks on the remote... and while Mom and Dad are poolside -- the kids are up in the hotel room watching "Backdoor Lambada III" and "Sperms of Endearment."

That's right, Mitt sat on the board of directors of a company that sells and profits from pornography, and he did nothing to stop them during those 10 years.

But that's not the best part. Read on to see what Mitt "I have no integrity whatsoever" Romney said about YouTube:

Romney earlier in the day said he would encourage computer manufacturers to install internet filtering software on computers sold at retail to help parents protect their children from pornography.

But Romney showed some unfamiliarity with the Internet when he discussed the problem of sexual predators and children.

"YouTube is a website that allows kids to network with one another and make friends and contact each other," Romney explained. "YouTube looked to see if they had any convicted sex offenders on their web site. They had 29,000."

Actually, YouTube is the popular site that allows Internet users to upload and watch a variety of videos. The web site, which is owned by search-engine behemoth Google, also was a co-sponsor of the Democratic presidential debate held on Monday night.

The web site MySpace is the one to which Romney actually was referring. MySpace, owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., said this week it had found 29,000 registered sex offenders who had submitted profiles to its site and removed them.

Yep. Mitt "I'm afraid of things I don't understand" Romney has YouTube confused with Murdoch-owned MySpace, where just last week a MySpace audit revealed 29,000 sex offenders had set up shop on this youth-oriented website.

The icing on the cake? MySpace owner Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation also owns Fox News.

Guffaw! Will a hypocrite like Mitt "how do I get this foot out of my mouth" Romney refuse to participate in the next Fox News debate?

Or will he just check in to a Marriott Hotel and soil his sheets with some in-room entertainment? Stand by for more flippage ahead...

These Republican hypocrites are just too much fun.

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Comments (4)


Yeah, but will he be called out on this by any of the large media outlets? Their usual tendency is to gloss over or ignore this type of story, even though it certainly calls into question the moral consistency of someone who's trying to sell that quality on a nationwide scale. I certainly hope it does get some play nationally. The possibility he could be questioned about this in the YouTube format is most likely what's keeping them all ducking, running and hiding.

Maybe Sean Hannity will run with the story; he's all about moral values, right?

Steve Crickmore:

Well done Lee (and Mitt)...Let's see if Mitt is consistent and refuses to be interviewed or debate on a Robert Murdoch holding, like Fox News?..fat chance...

P. Bunyan:

While this post was ignorant, poory written, and full of hypocrisy--in other words, an average Lee Ward post--I can't argue that Romeny is a hypocrite.

There's not much need in demonstrating that over and over again. But I suppose you get your jollies from it.

I'll give you a clue. Romney is no better than John Kerry or Hillary Clinton when it comes to flip-flopping and being a hypocrite and because of that he WILL NOT get the Republican nomination.

Only the Democrats would nominate someone like Hillary, Kerry, or Romney and unfortunately for Mitt, he ain't running as a Democrat or for governor of a socialist-democrat state.

P. Bunyan:

"Shouldn't we expect a President to have at least a basic understanding of the Internet"

Some people would want a President who has a basic understanding of international relations and politics.

Some people would want a President who has a basic understanding of millitary and defense matters.

Some people would want a President who has a basic understanding of economics.

The presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary, and her closest challengers Barak, and Johnny Girl lack all three of those basic understandings, so I guess the best you can hope for is a basic understanding of the internet and a basic understanding of how to hide your socialist values and pro-terrorist ideas from average Joe.

Me, I prefer someone who understood the other three regardless of how well they understood the internet. Not that I care for Romney, who character is so qestionable that only a Democrat or retard would vote for him, but I just wanted to put things in perspective.


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