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Bush Supports Shiite Campaign of Revenge

As I warned long ago, the Shiites of Iraq are conducting a campaign of bloody revenge against the Sunnis:

Militants in southern areas of Iraq are reportedly targeting former members of the Baath Party in a bid to exterminate them, causing new displacements, according to local non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

At least 200 ex-members of the Baath Party of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein have been killed so far. According to local police, hundreds of families have been forced to flee their homes.

"Militias are conducting a campaign to exterminate over 4,000 members of the Baath Party," said Hassan Dureid, spokesperson for Iraqi Brothers Relief, a local NGO working in southern Iraq. "Most of these people didn't have a choice and were obliged to join the party during the ex-regime."

Neoconservatives and right-wingers embittered by the disaster of Iraq will no doubt be lustily cheering the news that the Baathists are being exterminated by Shiite militias because they were the ones that attacked us on September 11. Do I have it right?

This is what Bush's new shining light in the Middle East looks like:

"We want to prevent Saddam's followers from returning to power and the best way is to exterminate them," Abu Khalid Alawi, who said he was a senior local Shia militia member but declined to name his organisation, told IRIN. "Only Shia families in the southern governorates really know what we suffered in their hands and we don't want to risk having them back," he added.

What we are seeing in Iraq today is just a snapshot of the endless cycle of revenge killings between Sunnis and Shia that have been going on in this part of the world for hundreds of years. The difference now is that, due to George Bush's infinite wisdom, American troops are caught in the middle of this crossfire without a clue what to do about it. If we try to save the Baathists from a genocidal slaughter the Shiites will undoubtedly turn against us creating a far worse situation than we face now. If we do nothing, then we are complicit in the mass murder of innocent people who were nothing more than low-level Baath Party members. It should be bad enough that we have handed the Iranians an enormous strategic victory by toppling the one regime that stood in the way of their desire to expand their influence throughout the Middle East. We should not now compound that epic blunder by continuing to support a government that condones the mass slaughter of innocent civilians.

This is a no-win situation for our troops. It's time to get them out of this madness and let the Iraqis settle their scores.

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Comments (2)

U.P. Man:

Could you please point to where President Bush
"Bush Supports Shiite Campaign of Revenge" ?

Or how about pointing to where the rightwing wackos and Bushbots are cheering the killing?

Do you just do smear campaigns?

U.P. Man:

Did you vote in the last election?

If yes then...

You support form of government.

then you support action by our government.

then you support savage reprisals.

same logic


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