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Military Disputes Bush's Line on Al Qaeda in Iraq

Apparently, some senior military officials haven't received the memo from Karl Rove that Iraq is "all about Al Qaeda" as reported by McClatchy:

Despite President Bush's recent insistence that al Qaida in Iraq is the principal cause of this country's violence, senior American military officers here say Shiite Muslim militias are a bigger problem, and one that will persist even if al Qaida is defeated.

"The longer-term threat to Iraq is potentially the Shiite militias," one senior military officer said, echoing concerns that other American officials raised in recent interviews with McClatchy Newspapers.

The officials acknowledge that the Shiite campaign of revenge against the Sunnis is continuing unabated:

The Shiite Mahdi Army militia continues to drive Sunni residents from neighborhoods in Baghdad, a development that one American officer called "disappointing." Shiite politicians show little sympathy for the expelled Sunnis or interest in stopping the expulsions. In interviews, they argued that the drive against Sunnis is a justified response to Sunni campaigns to drive Shiites from their neighborhoods, a position that American military officers reject.

The war in Iraq is metastasizing into a confusing and incoherent myriad of individual battlelines. The next one to start perking up will be a struggle among the Shiite militias.

More alarming, American officers say that battles for supremacy among armed Shiite groups will be the next challenge, and that U.S. forces are likely to be drawn into those disputes. Already, the U.S. is taking sides, sending attack aircraft to back Iraqi security forces against radical cleric Muqtada al Sadr's Mahdi Army.

And don't forget the increasing danger that the Kurds will begin violently resisting the Iraqi government which appears to be reneging on its commitment to hold a referendum on the future of Kirkuk.

Meanwhile, the main Sunni bloc has pulled out of Maliki's faltering and beleaguered "unity" government. Car bombs rocked Baghdad Wednesday killing dozens and Iraqi ministries released figures showing a 33% rise in civilian deaths during the month of July. Reconstruction projects have ground to a halt, Baghdad is down to 2 hours of electricity a day, and the military cannot account for thousands of weapons that were given to the Iraqi military (and which are undoubtedly in the hands of insurgents and militias).

Yes folks, "victory" is just around the corner. If we can just hang on a little longer...

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Comments (6)


Rupert Moloch had better buy up McClatchy because they're a real buzz-killer for the neocons and honest GWOT supporters.

In their skeleton outline of the situation on the ground in Iraq, my eyes kept crossing.
(I'm on my first beer so I can't blame that!) It's the incomprehensibility of the mission and the clear fact that it's all supposedly being controlled/handled out of the White House (LBJ-style) with a CFR political general as cypher and an invisible War Czar, whatzizname (Lute), on a neighboorhood by neighborhood basis in a country of religious fanatics 1500 miles away. And with NO RELIABLE indigenous allies!!! (The targets being ecumenically chosen!)

Frankly, they should have left the rump Saddaam regime in place, being secular and prone to bribery and all.

Since they did not, a Shiite alliance would have been efficacious. Machiavellian, bloody, but short.

But then Israel and the neocons have their hearts set on regime change in Shiite Iran although the US must still cultivate the Iraqi Shiite Sistani, sponsored by Iran, at the risk of defeat Saigon-style in Baghdad...

Even tough Iran offered assistance in the GWOT and hates AlQaeda...

Eyes crossing again...


PS: jp2 (or BG or cb) on the Other Side, put a link to the PNAC founding document. One of the charter signer? O'HANLON (of the "I'm neutral, we're winning!" NYT piece! A friggin' Super-NEOCON!)

Kudos, jp2 (or BG or cb). THX. That's fresh ammo!

Lee Ward:

re: O'Hanlon, it looks like Lorie Byrd or Paul or Jay have already deleted the evidence - at least, I looked around there and couldn't find it. What thread was it on?

Lee Ward:

Ah, I found it - it's actually not the founding letter, but a PNAC policy statement on post-war Iraq. link


"Ah, I found it - it's actually not the founding letter, but a PNAC policy statement on post-war Iraq. link
Posted by Lee Ward"

Thanks for the correction. You're right.

* I TOLD you my eyes were crossed!*

And kudos, jp2! O'Hanlon=Likudnik= impartial??? RICH! Enchiladas, beer, and devils food cake RICH!

Mmmm... devil's food.


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