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Romney Courting South Carolina Illiterates

Looks like Mitt "I'm Afraid of Snowmen" Romney is busily courting the all-important South Carolina illiterate conservative constituency.

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The JERRY SPRINGER, Trailer park crowd doesn't seem to understand that they have no class interests with the upscale, corporate politics of Romney. If voters vote their economic class, then he's dead in the water politically.

By the way fellow Wizbang Blue guys, despite a serious motor scooter accident yesterday due to a sudden front wheel bearing failure, I'll be offering posts on a more regular basis again here. I'ver got at least 16 injuries today including a leg that isn't very good after getting thrown over the handlebars and run over by my own scooter. I'm not in too good of condition today, but at least able to think and write despite conditions because I refuse to take any painkiller drugs of any type. Here at Wizbang Blue, we have to soldier on despite whatever life deals out unexpectedly. Not much of a 52nd birthday for me, though.


Wheel bearing failure??? There goes the Coolster franchise! (Unless you want to be on 60 Minutes)

Happy birthday and take 4 Motrins.

Lee Ward:

4 Motrins? I'd opt for four Heinekens... wait a minute -- the birthday boy gets five Heinekens.


This to shall pass, Paul. Many happy returns of the year completion.


Make no mistake, if Obama's the candidate much will be made of the Osama/Obama link. Why do you think he has to make outrageous claims like invading Pakistan in pursuit of the nemesis?

The world's oldest word does have variant spellings. The word certainly preceded writing.


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