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Romney's Nauseating Family Video

Click through this link to the New Republic web site to see what is without a doubt the most nauseating political video ever produced in the history of mankind.

Who in their right minds can believe for one minute that this family "discussion" was anything more than a contrived and staged event designed for entirely political purposes? What relevance do Mitt Romney's children have to the decision that Republican voters will make during the primary? None whatsoever obviously. This is just a cynical attempt to curry favor with those voters who will be impressed that he so many "fantastic" children.

Shouldn't Romney be telling us what his plan is to get us out of the quagmire in Iraq? Or how he plans to bring the mass murderer of 3,000 of our fellow citizens to justice? Or how he plans to help Americans struggling to obtain good health care and pay their medical bills? Or what he will do about the global warming catastrophe that is rapidly approaching?

No. Instead we just get this sickening and nauseating drivel.

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Comments (4)

Lee Ward:

Romney's candidacy is the perfect example of "money" trying to buy the presidency.

Romney himself lacks the understanding and sophistication to grasp YouTube and why the internet matters, and yet his website is by far the best, user-friendly website amongst all of the candidates.

Money buying the presidency.

In this video, Mitt comes off as phony as a 3-dollar bill, and obviously this is an expensive polished campaign-produced piece made to look like a down-home family discussion.

Money buying the presidency.

Were it not for the fact the Christian right doesn't trust this guy I'd be a little worried. If money can buy the presidency in 2008, Mitt is the guy to do it.

U.P. Man:

Does any in their right mind think that a discussion like this didn't happen?

Do you honestly think Governer Romney woke up one morning and said "Family I'm running for President."

Of course the production was staged, do you have camera in your house taping you all the time?

So, we are back to Republicans are bad actors.

How about some substantive, like an invasion of Pakistan if they don't do what we want.


Great, Mitt! Show the voters that your living room is arranged like a German sex club!

(Does the bed revolve?)

U.P. Man:

Just feel the love and compassion from the left side of the blogosphere.

I'm just glad you guys are above such silly tactics.


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