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Illegal Immigrant My Ass

Orlando Castaneda fought for our country, risked his life for our country, but in their haste and panic to render the brown-skins out of our great melting-pot cauldron, U.S. immigration officials decided to throw him out of our country.

Castaneda's parents brought him into the United States illegally when he was just three years old. Millions more children who were brought into the United States or were born here to the parents of illegal immigrants are in the same situation. Thanks to the concerted efforts of racist bigots who can't see past the color of a person's skin, the bipartisan move in Washington to resolve these kind of injustices, spearheaded by President Bush, was shot down by the racist, conservative right.

The bigots on the right have it all wrong. Illegal Immigrants like Orlando Castaneda ARE as American as you and me.

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Orlando can slide by on a service technicality. Moms and Pops gotta go! (Unless they have in the bank 26,000 times the average US daily wage which Mexico requires of US expats in country.)

Here's a short primer on Mexican immigration policies. (It leaves out the seamier ransom demands on the heads of poor Indians from Guatemala. The official imprisonment served and the kidnapping outside prison walls by friends of guards. A twofer!)



It is hard to listen to the cries of racism when the only reasons those elite whites on the left suppport open borders and unlimited immigration is that viritually all of those future citizens will be automatic Democratic voters. Also, since most of them are poor, uneducated, and make multiple bad life decision, it creates more jobs for the public service unions to spread around.

If all of the illegal aliens were mormoms who would vote Republican in the future and complete for ecnomic and educational opprotunities with upper middle class whites, the Democratic Party would be screaming for the border to closed today.

The actions of the Democratic Party has repeatedly demonstrated that it is the elite whites in charge who are the biggest racist.


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