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Keeping the White House Criminals Out of Jail

Cozy little arrangement, there...

Time Magazine's Massimo Calabresi lays out the top 4 reasons why Bush will not axe Attorney General Alberto Gonzales:

Gonzales is all that stands between the White House and special prosecutors.[...]

Without Gonzales at the helm, the Justice Department would be more likely to approve requests for investigations into White House activities on everything from misuse of prewar Iraq intelligence to allegations of political interference in tobacco litigation.

Essentially, the top reason Bush needs Gonzales is to protect his ass from investigations. With his long-time pal Alberto in the top AG post, Bush has a loyal watch dog on a chain.

A post-Gonzales DOJ [Department of Justice] would be in the hands of a nonpartisan, tough prosecutor, not a political hand. Newly appointed Deputy Attorney General Craig Morford is in line to take over until a new Attorney General could be confirmed. Morford, a 20-year veteran of the department, was brought in to investigate the botched trial of the first major federal antiterrorism case after 9/11. He is in the mold of James Comey, the former Deputy Attorney General who stood up to the White House over its domestic-eavesdropping program. Even New York Senator Charles Schumer, one of Gonzales' harshest critics, called Morford's appointment a positive step. Over the past six months, more than half a dozen top political appointees have left the department amid scandal. The unprecedented coziness that once existed between the Justice Department and the White House now remains solely in the person of Gonzales.

Same reason as above. Bush, Rove, Cheney - they are all reliant on the protection provided by Gonzales. The top law enforcement official in the United States is in that position to protect the White House from investigations and prosecution.

If Gonzales goes, the White House fears that other losses will follow. Top Bush advisers argue that Democrats are after scalps and would not stop at Gonzales. [...] Stonewalling, they [the Republicans] believe, is their best way to avoid another election focused on corruption issues.

The top law enforcement official in the nation, who refuses to answer questions regarding the politicization of the Department of Justice over the US attorney firings, is being kept in this position in order to provide the Republican Party with an improved shot at the 2008 election.

Nobody at the White House wants the legal bills and headaches that come with being a target of investigations. In backing Gonzales, Bush is influenced by advisers whose future depends on the survival of their political bodyguard. Gonzales remains the last line of defense protecting Bush, Rove and other top White House officials from the personal consequences of litigation. A high-profile probe would hobble the White House politically, and could mean sky-high legal bills and turmoil for Bush's closest aides.

If you're not outraged over this you're not a real American. The Republican Party is working against American interests in favor of their own.

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You can't possible believe that after all the work I've done explaining the DoJ to you, can you? Or do you not believe me?


interesting, but i have a few questions:

1) what are the odds that bush would nominate someone who would not be as loyal as gonzo?

2) what are the odds that bush would nominate anyone that would get through confirmation?

3) what are the odds bush would find someone willing to take the job on for about a year only?


Q What are the odds the next President will keep Gonzales as Attorney General?

A Greater than you think.

Lee Ward:

1) what are the odds that bush would nominate someone who would not be as loyal as gonzo?

I don't think he can find someone else as loyal as Gonzo. AG AG and he go back to GWB's days as a Texas Governor. Gonzlaes owes his entire career to George, and it's now apparent that once he leaves the AG office Alberto's career will be over.

2) what are the odds that bush would nominate anyone that would get through confirmation?

Since, with Alberto gone GWB would be left is a DOJ that is openly hostile towards the Bush Monarchy, he'd have high-incentive to find someone to keep the wolves from the door of the White House and who would also be acceptable to enough blue dog Democrats to be confirmed. I bet he could find someone...

3) what are the odds bush would find someone willing to take the job on for about a year only?

Excellent. Pull someone out of retirement is his best bet. I'm bettng his Daddy's PNAC committee of Neocon puppeteers can come up with someone...


Who is this damn Tom Tamm?


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