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When Wars Become Cost Free

As reported by IraqSlogger the future of warfare is now and this is what it looks like:

It's not too hard to envision this sort of technology continuing to improve and being extended to all sorts of hazardous duties currently undertaken by troops in the battlefield. There has already been substantial use of remotely piloted drones and full-sized aircraft flown by remote control isn't far behind.

Ultimately, perhaps not very far in the future, we could envision military forces where nearly all of the combat is performed by robots, either autonomous or remotely controlled. Human casualties (for our side) could be substantially reduced if not eliminated altogether. People would obviously be needed to control and service the robots but they could remain deep underground in heavily fortified bunkers rarely exposed to enemy fire.

This would substantially alter the equation when considering whether to send our military to war. With little or no casualties at risk, the question becomes simply how much money we are willing to spend (which we typically borrow from future generations anyway) to impose our control on some foreign land. Politicians could find it much easier to order the troops into battle when there will be few (if any) flag-draped coffins coming home as a result.

The development of such a robotic army dedicated to the mass slaughter of human beings is of course a deeply disturbing development that illustrates the pathology of the military-industrial complex that has come to rule the United States. To say this is complete madness is something of an understatement. It is impossible to see how we can morally defend sending robot armies to kill and maim people in foreign lands to impose our will on them even if we attempt to dress up our actions as bringing "democracy" and "freedom" to people.

Democracy? Freedom? Imposed by a robot? That's just not going to fly in this world. We need to bring a halt to this sort of madness.

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Comments (4)

Steve Crickmore:

Larkin, I agree with you entirely. Even outerspace seems no limit to the Pentagon..The US already spends more on its military budget than the rest of the world combined. It has "725 official U.S. military bases outside of the country and 969 within the 50 states (not to mention numerous secret bases)". And both parties including Obama, want to ramp this up further through the next century, all because 19 crazy men armed themselves, with one dollar box-cutters. ..I think sadly it is very possible the world will blow itself up in the next century or so (woe to the politician who takes that option off the table) and perhaps we will then be left only with robots.


Robots like these will reduce american casualties in the field and thats a good thing.

However, many people dont realize that muslim leaders have met, and after many hours of debate and research, have decided that any jihadi getting killed by one of these devices will still qualify for his reward of 72 virgins in the afterlife.

So, its a win - win scenario. Everyones happy. (except for the virgins)


The Hell of it is, LN, the virgins remains so for eternity.


Tell ya' what, Larkin, if you organize, you can prevent job loss to automation. Watch all those soldiers hail Luddite Larkin.


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