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Monday News Roundup, and Open Thread

What's happening in the wacky world of US politics:

  • The federal GAO office says the Pentagon has lost track of about 190,000 AK-47 assault rifles, and that the military does not know where these weapons, which represent approximately 30% of the weapons we've distributed to Iraqi forces since 2004, are at this point. Apparently they aren't showing up in the US inventory.

    I'm glad the Republican plan of "we'll arm and equip them over there" is making such good progress... by the way, the article cites 2004-2005, the period when General David H. Patraeus was in charge of security training, as being particularly problematic. No wonder he was promoted.

  • There is increasing evidence that the GOP Security Strike Force, formerly known as the Department of Justice, singled out for prosecution cases which would help Republicans win elections.

    Watch for General Alberto Gonzales to repeat his mantra of "I Know Nothing!" in his best Schultz imitation at the next hearing.

  • The dishonorable corrupt colleague from the great state of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens (R-Bridge to Nowhere) and his protege son Ben are back in the news today. It seems that Stevens' "bookkeeper" is pulling down a federal salary of $150,000. Her job title at the Commerce Committee, 'financial clerk', doesn't exist anywhere else in the senate.

    The FBI looking into these matters prompts the dishonorable colleague from the great state of Idaho Senator Larry Craig (R-Land of Mr. Potato Head) to suggest "...when you have the allegatiatons, you have the judicial segment of our government, the executive branch, out raiding the homes of senators, that is a very frightening proposition. It is a bit Gestapo-like in its style and tactics."

    He'll no doubt appreciate the Sergeant Schultz reference above...

  • And Survey USA released their Senator approval ratings for July, and while the Dems stayed even the Repubs are losing ground big time. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and Senator Norm Coleman (R-Minnesota) are seeing their approval numbers drop like proverbial rocks.

    Both are up for re-election in 2008 - BooYah!

And as is the Wizbang Blue tradition on open threads, if you don't like the news you're welcome to make some of your own.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (8)


Who is this damn Tom Tamm?

Steve Crickmore:

It is too bad we will never find out who has ended up suppplying the insurgents with more arms: the US,(under General Prataeus) Syria or Iran. Most probably the former. No wonder the Iraqis overwhelmingly want us out except for the insurgents possibly, who would lose their chief source of arms supply. I wish I was being completely facetious.


Here's a short clip of Ron Paul from Saturday's Iowa Debate (which I missed). Romney doing the spoiled kid bit ("911911911..."), Stephanoupolous looking totally re-gusted!

Ah-HAH! Why the O'Hanlon thing got a flat tire in the driveway: The testimony of Bush's own Joint Chiefs of Staff nominee:


Lee Ward:

Who is this damn Tom Tamm?

You're leaving this comment on a number of threads -- is this one of those John 3:16-type movements, kim?

Well, on the chance it's the start of a new viral advertising campaign I'm off to register the domain tomtamm.com, just in case.

Steve Crickmore:

I have been just been reading this 'New York Times Magazine' article Getting Iraq Wrong' by the intellectual Canadian Liberal MP, Michael Ignatieff who finished second to the Liberal Party winner Stéphane Dion, on the fourth ballot, in the Canadian 2006 Liberal leadership race. What a difference to the insipid speeches and sound -bites of Bush. David Frum eat you heart out. Ignatieff on Bush:

Good judgment in politics, it turns out, depends on being a critical judge of yourself. It was not merely that the president did not take the care to understand Iraq. He also did not take the care to understand himself. The sense of reality that might have saved him from catastrophe would have taken the form of some warning bell sounding inside, alerting him that he did not know what he was doing. But then, it is doubtful that warning bells had ever sounded in him before. He had led a charmed life, and in charmed lives warning bells do not sound.


Who is this 'Deep Modem', folks.


The motto of the House of Bush?

I will maintain.

Alright, I'll be a little less opaque. That was the motto of the House of Orange, of William and Mary fame.

Why are you rehashing sad old 'favored son' baloney. Did you see Bush when he jawboned the Blue Dogs into allowing his warrantless spying on 'Americans'? That's hardly a man unconscious of what he is doing.

Y'all are so willing to believe idiots if it just allows you another day of BDS.


Get it right; register damntomtamm.com


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