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The Triumph of Politics Over Policy, Is Team Clinton Like Bush/Cheney?

I hesitate to write this post, since lately, 'Team Clinton' has seemingly been doing everything right, even inching up in the polls, in which she already has a commanding 2 to 1 lead over Obama. At the YearlyKos Convention in Chicago, Saturday, she got a better reception than might have been expected when she was only booed twice, once, when she implied she was born a Cub's fan not a Sox's fan.

But there is something that still bothers me about the ruthless control freakish side of her team..Take for instance, this observation from an article in the 'New York Magazine' 'Hillary Control'

"There certainly was a very distinct and not even particularly cordial relationship between Mrs. Clinton's (many of whom are still there) and President Clinton's staff," understates Harold Ickes, a longtime adviser to both Clintons, who was one of the few to move easily between the two camps. "We were bossy, and we were controlling," allows Lattimore (former Hillary press secretary) "There was sort of an air of 'We know what's best,' when you may not always know what's best." As a result, he says, "you shut off access to other ideas"..

So Hillary's team has a kind of Haldeman/ Ehrlichman gatekeeper approach combined with a Rove stern, relentless 'on message' theme..Not exactly 'the new politics' but it is proving very tough to beat.

'Watching Those we Chose' provides the fitting column, to what we may end up getting.. ....The Triumph of Politics Over Policy, Is Team Clinton Like Bush/Cheney? (Wasn't it Leo Durocher, who said " Nice Guys Finish Last"?)

Watching Team Clinton at work is a lot like watching a master craftsman create a piece of fine furniture. You have to admire the planning, the skill and the workmanship, but at the end of the day you realize the craftsman has been working to satisfy a customer's desires, nothing more.

A few years ago Team Clinton positioned Senator Hillary right with the majority of Americans who approved the invasion of Iraq. That's what the electorate wanted and that's what the fine folks at Team Clinton provided. Over the years the public has soured on the Iraq war. As the public has soured Team Clinton realized that the old position had to change.

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Comments (7)

Lee Ward:

It's the age old struggle of good versus evil. And it wouldn't be a struggle if the strugglers weren't equally matched.

Al Gore is still in the wings. Do you want me to give him a call?


Do call Gore. Hillary has "Sonny Liston" stamped on her forehead.

Lee Ward:

Well, Gore is the anti-Hill, and a Gore/Obama ticket looks formidable.

Steve Crickmore:

Lee, I don't know. Hillary and Obama haven't really spoken in months to each other. Do you think Obama would really want to be vice? What kind of leverage would he have as vice-president to Hillary. It would be an extremely stressful position.

Lee Ward:

I agree - that there is good chance Obama wouldn't accept the offer from Hillary.

I mentioned a Gore/Obama ticket above.

Steve Crickmore:

gotme, i completeley misread that...I supposed it's because you have mentioned the other -Hillary-Obama before..Of course, Kennedy chose Johnson, his ertswhile arch-rival to strengthen the ticket in 1960, but Gore-Obama, that would be winning combination (I'm sure). Only Romney might have an outside chance against it.


Give yourself a chance, guys; nominate Biden/Richardson.


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