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Bush Goes on Vacation as Attacks Hit All-Time High

President George Bush is on his way to Kennebunkport to begin a well-deserved vacation given all of the accomplishments he's had recently. Meanwhile, in the god-forsaken, sweltering hot, dustbowl called Iraq attacks on US troops are at an all-time high as reported by the New Zealand Herald:

Roadside bomb attacks on American troops in Iraq reached an all-time high last month, accounting for more than one third of all combat deaths.

The increase in the number of casualties caused by the sophisticated explosive devices comes at the height of the "surge" of United States forces which, the Pentagon claims, is broadly a success.

General Odierno also said recently that Shiite militias were responsible for 73% of all attacks that killed or wounded US forces. Yet, for some reason, the White House continues to repeat the narrative that the main fight in Iraq is with "Al Qaeda" (meaning primarily the army of Saudi jihadist volunteers who've traveled to Iraq). And we are told that the surge is "working" even though the number of attacks conducted against our troops is at an all-time high, the Iraqi government is completely paralyzed, their parliament is on vacation, and Shiite militias are fighting each other in the south.

Yep, the surge sure is working great.

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Comments (5)


roadside bomb attacks were at an all time high. were all attacks?

how do you correlate that number with the fact that July had the fewest casualties in months?

or are you just cherry picking your research to fit your meme?

you mean the iraqi parliment, which is on vacation, just like ours is?



"And we are told that the surge is "working" even though the number of attacks conducted against our troops is at an all-time high,"

Isn't your statement self explanatory?

If the surge is making progress the logical, reasonable result would be for the enemy to fight back. It's also highly probable because that same enemy gets their asses handed to them in any direct fight with the U.S. Military they use the only thing they have, roadside bombs.

But terms such as "logical, reasonable" aren't always in use by partisans and those suffering from acute cases of BDS.


Remember how the GOP states they support our troops? Would someone explain why the Bush administration does not want to give returning veterans full education benefits. Just use them and discard them is the way it's going.

Another bad indicator from Iraq was civilian deaths hitting an all-time monthly high of 1,641, I believe. This is a pretty good indicator that sectarian violence and civil war between the Shiite and Sunni community remain the greatest problems in Iraq.

Mr. Bush's deliberate overstatement of the role of the tiny Al Qaeda organization operating within Iraq is simply meant for U.S. political consumption, and remains one of the smaller problems in this ruined and dysfunctional group of religious sects that is hardly a nation by any means. Iraq was only made a "state" by British occupation forces in 1922 after the collapse of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and the British discovery of oil in Iraq. But continued sectarian conflict between the Sunni and Shiite community forced the British to leave by 1958, one of the shortest occupations of a nation by Britain ever.

Lee Ward:

All Bush and the moron neocons have done with the surge is to commit us further and deeper than we were before. The Republicans cannot solve Iraq, and I suspect they aren't even trying. All they are doing at this point is getting us more and more entrenched in the day-to-day security operations of the nation.

We're there to protect the oil, and the profiteers are willingly supplying all of the armaments we want to buy and all of the contractors we want to hire in order to protect the oil industry interests in Iraq.


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