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Ron Paul Rallying Supporters in Iowa

It's great to see grassroots efforts at work. It gives you hope.

The Ron Paul signs, it seems, are practically everywhere you look here at the Iowa Straw Poll. There are bumper stickers and billboards and T-shirts in a wide variety of colors.

"I don't make predictions, but I do say we are going to do very well!" Mr. Paul said, screaming to be heard over loud hooting and hollering from a few hundred supporters standing beneath his white campaign tent here. "How can anybody turn down the possibility to vote for freedom and hope?'

Not all of his supporters are eligible to vote in the straw poll, but they are helping to rally other Iowans behind Paul.

"Many of you are not from Iowa, but you can persuade one or two or three or four people today," Mr. Paul said... "Introduce them to the ideas and the wonderful aspects of freedom. We can restore this hope for America and for our liberties."

As Mr. Paul, who did not appear to be sweating despite his long-sleeved green shirt and green tie, left his supporters with a parting piece of advice.

If you're an Iowan, please go vote!" he said. And if not? "Go tell the Romney people to do the right thing!"

The straw poll close at 6:00 pm and it's too late to drive to Iowa to cheer him on, but I'm hopeful Ron Paul makes a great showing today. He and his people have worked long and hard for this, and although the poll won't decide who becomes President -- it will mark how many Iowans wants more of the same, and how many are ready for a new direction.

I'm hopeful there's more of the latter.

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Comments (4)

From what I heard, Ron Paul's wife is in the hospital today. I'm sure everyone offers the familiy their very best wishes.

Ron Paul's maverick campaign has a little bit of an Abraham Lincoln quality to it, something the Republican Party can surely use these days.

Ron Paul is a good example that quality persons can be found in both political parties and neither party has a real monopoly on character or courage.


Diebold again!

The Ron Paul campaign was turned down by a judge in their request for paper ballots yesterday.

The crux of the judge's decision: the cost would be $184,000 to implement.

For 14,000 ballots!

WTF? (A rhetorical question.)


It's great to see grassroots efforts at work. It gives you hope.

That grass doesn't have very deep roots.

A flu-like sneeze would uproot those roots.

Lee Ward:

Doesn't sound crux'ish - just crazy.

In my view the judge ruled that there was no good reason to care if this straw poll was accurate or not since each vote was bought and paid for in the vast majority of the votes cast. When the candidates are buying votes - who cares who wins.

Only the liars...


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