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The First Day

America takes a new direction the very first day after an election. The people have spoken and have made a choice. Good or bad, it's time to get on with life.

There's always a lot of hindsight thrown about, and I enjoy speculating and analyzing where the turning points were. What were the significant events which changed the course of of democracy, and lead the electorate to the decision now cast in stone?

What I enjoy the most is that there is a new direction ahead. A fresh future and a chance to make things better. Or different anyway... And these days, different has to be better.

There is no question that America has hit bottom, and this nation we're past due for a new way of doing business in this world. You can measure this low point in the hysterical antics of our "hunker in the bunker - master of disaster" Vice-President Richard Cheney. The poster-child victim of terrorism.

The old guard and their old ways ways have failed us, and a new direction starts the instant we recognize that acknowledge that a new direction is needed.

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Steve Crickmore:

Yes, Lee I hope you are right in seizing a real new direction. I hope the Dem's standard bearer hasn't made so many compromises to get to that day, that he or she ignores the more progressive grass groots on all the issues, in favor of the prestigious e$tablishment bodies, that love supporting centrist candidates that don't rock the boat.

I am bit disappointed that the Dems leaders (except for Richardson) seem to have been backing off lately one, by wanting to leave heavy residual military forces in Iraq, and secondly, in Congress, allowing and trusting someone like Gonzales, after his hopeless apperarances in front of the Judiciary Committee, to have even more FISA authority.

Lee Ward:

Any candidate, Republican or Democrat, has to appeal to the center of American politics to get elected.

With respect to supporting Hillary's run, as an example of an establishment-supported liberal candidate, it's as simple as the choice between a White House similar to what we've had since 2000 (if a Republican is elected), or a White House similar to what we had from 1992-2000 under Bill Clinton.

Personally, I'd prefer a White House like the one we would have had under Paul Wellstone, but a Wellstonian has little chance of getting elected, and in my view efforts and detractions against a centrist-appealing Democrat is a move in favor of a centrist-appealing Republican.

A repeat of a Ralph Nader electoral disaster is probably a greater threat to restoring this country onto the right path than anything else. Towards that end the nuttier netroots are more dangerous than the hard-core conservatives.


Has the Gorebellied Fool's swelling gone enough to his head for him to consider an independent candidacy? When you have to save the world why defer to a little thing like a nomination?

Lee Ward:

Red memes rarely match up with reality. Don't hold your breath.


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