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More Americans Get Organized, Go Blue

The Blue movement is picking up steam. Mainstream America is rejecting the failures of the conservative red-state hypocritical right, and wearing their patriotism proudly as they set out to better America, and return this country to the greatness that we all know is at the core of this nation; in the hearts of its people.

The blue field in the U.S. flag signifies Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice - -all distinctly Democratic qualities. The move to go Blue is a grassroots effort, and it has the power to change the political direction of our country.

Jennifer Roe considers herself a typical American mom -- juggling a part-time writing job with the needs of two young daughters, volunteer work at a children's museum and her church.

Indeed, the "Proud to be a Liberal" button on the visor of her minivan is one of the few outward signs that 42-year-old Roe also squeezes in several hours a week organizing True Blue Women, a political group of like-minded moms.

The moms are mobilizing, but it isn't just women who are picking up the blue flag -- groups and individuals from all walks of American life are sick and tire of the loud-mouthed conservative buffoons who still crow as if they represent the majority view of this nation. They do not, and it isn't enough to vote for change, people everywhere are doing what they must in order to make the change happen.

True Blue Women, which hands out bumper stickers reading "Think, Act, Hope, Vote" and issues "blue alerts" to call its members to action, has primarily focused on issues around education, health care and the environment. But a summer survey found most of its followers were focused on the Iraq war, so anti-war activism is now among the group's top priorities.

Its co-chair, Lisa Veglahn, the mother of a 7-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter, said the group that started as "10 angry women drinking wine in the living room," has evolved into an energized coalition capable of delivering strong messages to state and U.S. office-holders. It now has a following of more than 500 women from Kansas to Missouri.

"We're helping people connect the dots about why it matters who the president is and how it affects you and your kids," said Veglahn. "We want to make a difference."

It's easy to get organized. As an example, the Democrat.org website offers you the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded folks quickly and easily through their PartyBuilder efforts. Another example is the True Majority website - and here is a link to the True Blue Women organization cited above. I'll post more organizing "portals" like this in future posts.

Get informed, get in touch with others, get organized, and make change happen in America.

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Dunno, lee!

Democratic Party websites to deflect Democratic culpability in the war which the Democratic Party signed off on...

Led by a Chimp...

At least the Republicans held stock in bananas...

The banana crash being an occupational hazard and covered on the short end....

*see Big Oil*


At least there's now a better geopolitical reason for energy self reliance than the environmental one.


Next thing you know they'll expect enfranchisement.


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