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What they Knew and When They Knew It #23,792

In this interview conducted April 15th, 1994 Dick Cheney reveals the reasons why invading Baghdad and toppling Saddam Hussein is a bad idea.

It was a bad idea, and they knew that all the way back in 1994.

Greed on the part of the Republican liars drove us into this war, and they continue to lie today in an attempt to keep us there indefinitely.

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Comments (8)

U.P. Man:

And nothing has changed since 1994?

Lee Ward:

A lot has changed. The fat boys are making more money these days. Profits are way up for Halliburton, KBR, Exxon... And guys like Cheney quit caring about the lives of American soldiers.

That's what happened when we let the Republicans back into the White House. The profit motive became the driving force in US policy decisions.


Greed on the part of the Republican liars drove us into this war

Well then if you believe that you must possess some proof that those that have been "greedy" have profited.

Care to offer a list?

Lee Ward:

Here's proof that Cheney knew that a quagmire would result in Iraq - that the country would splinter and be torn apart into three.

Scroll down the page a bit and you'll find arms traffickers involved in a $40 million in black-market arms deals undertaken by Iraqi officials while our intelligence folks look the other way.

The war profiteers want to prolong this out for decades, and the Republicans in Washington are exactly the corrupt tools to help them do it.

Steve Crickmore:

Cheney in 1994 had not become CEO of Haliburton. He was CEO for Haliburton from 1995-2000). Now as a former CEO, the vice-president has unexercised Haliburton stock options worth millions and alot more millions now, because of the success of Iraqi war. Permanent wars in the Middle East are great for the stock prices of Haliburton and Cheney's corporate oil buddies, you know the secret insiders that were part of Cheney's energy study.

civil behavior:

Only flaming idiots cannot connect the trail of dots that have been laid down by this gang of criminals.

The Halliburton Agenda
Fortunate Son
Armed Madhouse
Secret History of American Empire
American Fascists
The Politics of Truth
and many more....

then make sure Jon Stewart is on your list of must watch tv.

Maybe then a small glimmer of what we have been up against might filter through.

Lee Ward:

Careful CB - you're talking about the Republican base now - be nice... are you sure you want to say that they are really flaming idiots, or more like smoldering morons perhaps?


One of the all time great ironic titles, 'The Politics of Truth'.


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