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Thank You Denny Hastert!


Thank You Denny Hastert. Thank you for contributing so greatly to the handing of control of the Congress over to the Democratic Party in 2006.

If you had dealt decisively and proactively with the Mark Foley problem when it first came to your attention, in a timely manner, the outcome of the 2006 election would have been different in my estimation. It might well have been the House, and not both the House and the Senate, that fell to the Democrats.

But no, the sliminess that epitomizes ALL politicians - both red and blue - came to bear squarely on the Republicans at a critical point in the 2006 election process - thanks in large part Denny, to you and the blind eye you turned towards Foley's shenanigans; playing politics instead of doing your damned duty.

Hail and farewell, and thanks!

Rep. Dennis Hastert of Illinois, who served as speaker of the House longer than any Republican in history, intends to retire next year at the end of his current term, party officials said Tuesday.

A formal announcement is planned for Friday.

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Comments (1)

Lee Ward:

Well done, Larkin, and here's what I wrote in that comment thread:

I still think the putz Hastert should have voluntarily resigned after his complacency about Foley's indiscretions was revealed to be the key enabler that allowed Foley to continue his practices for years....

Well, come to think of it -- Hastert's non-efforts in that regard played an important role in securing the 2006 elections for the Democrats. Maybe the knowledge that he made that significant contribution is punishment enough.

I also fault Hastert for standing by silently while the Washington Times smeared Pelosi over her "jet" assignment. Finally, after several days, the White House and the Sergeant-At-Arms set the record straight and stopped the despicable "unnamed source" drive-by smearing being conducted by the Times, but Hastert could have spoken up and set the record straight immediately - and didn't.

Just another example of Hastert choosing politics over ethics. Good riddance to this bad rubbish.

So I forgot to mention the Pelosi Plane 'scandal' that Hastert gave legs to with his silence and inaction.

Hmmm, seems like Hastert's most notable accomplishments of late have been forged during times when he sat on fat ass and did nothing.

Thanks again, Denny.


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