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Clinton Attacked on Attack Ad, Fights Back

The White House criticized Clinton for this ad which began airing yesterday in Iowa, calling it "outrageous."

It's about time Clinton took off the gloves and started acting like a Presidential candidate, instead of a Presidential 'hopeful'. In politics, you aren't trying hard enough if your opponent isn't whining about low blows, etc.

I am really glad to see Clinton start slugging... whether she ends up being the Democratic nominee or not, we need to stop attacking each other and formulate a solid offensive, and keep it up through election day. Huzzah!

White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino:

"As to the merits of it, I think it's outrageous. This is a president who, first and foremost, has helped millions of seniors across the country have access to prescription drugs at a much lower cost," Perino said. "As to whether or not our troops are invisible to this president, I think that is absurd and that it is unconscionable that a member of Congress would say such a thing."[...]

Clinton said the Bush administration "is working for Americans with incomes at the very top."

"Americans work harder than anyone else in the world, yet we're not getting rewarded," she said. "We're seeing a growing gap between the haves and have-nots that threatens the backbone of our country, the middle class that built our country."

And what we need is a Democratic candidate who will fight for Americans, not sit around and hope that things will get better.

A national election is won each and every day. We need to win more days than we lose in order to emerge on top in November, 2008.

Mark yesterday as a win for the Democrats.

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Comments (7)


It's the economy, stupid.


What do you mean it's the economy? According to the GOP the economy is real good, but figures don't lie, liars figure, right?


Well, you see Allen, it's not simple straightforward stuff. It's Bush's fault because he has given people so much hope and confidence they've borrowed themselves into a hole.

But we're gonna investigate his ass and straighten the whole mess out. Without Rove, he's helpless.


Well Kim, you may be correct when you say it's not simple stuff. Like spreading the lie about all the w's removed from the keyboards. AND yes that was a lie.

I guess over 70% of Americans believe it's Bush's fault. And the GOP had 6 whole years to investigate his ass and never had one investigation.

And what does Rove have to do with his mis-handling of running the country? But you may be correct in saying he will be worse without Rove.


Mumble, grumble, mumble; take it to the bank.

Steve Crickmore:

I'm glad that Hillary is attacking Bush, but I hope she has learned from all her experience as a first lady since, experience is the name we give to our mistakes: most of them revolve around money and corruption: the Marc Rich pardon, associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, her indicted former senior law partner, her cash for access/ scheme-the White House as motel 6,... it's quite a list, I'm not going to try and defend it...Thank God, the Republicans, whomever they pick, will be a lot worse.


You know, Steve, if she's elected, you're going to have to learn to lose those beliefs.


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