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Republicans Receiving Internet Ass Kicking

It took me a while to stop laughing, and I wish I had come across this earlier so I could have incorporated this into my Act Blue post yesterday...

The Republican answer to the Democratic ActBlue.com's hugely successful ($24 million) online fundraising efforts is a web site called ABC PAC. This Republican counterpart to ActBlue was rolled out about a year ago, and was introduced on our conservative sister-site Wizbang by Lorie Byrd back in November, 2006, and promoted extensively elsewhere in the conservative blogosphere.

And the amount of money raised on the ABC PAC website to date, after a year online and extensive drum pounding in the conservative blogosphere?

Are you ready for this?

drumroll please...


No, really, I'm not kidding - $385.00

No, I didn't leave off a comma and three zeros -- Three Hundred and Eighty Five Dollars -- and $75 of that was designated by the donor to Condoleezza Rice's Presidential campaign!

The right wing blogospshere is quite successful at spreading lies and deceit, and does a great job with smear campaigns, but the success of the right wing blogosphere by this 'grassroots democracy' measure falls flat on its face.

I've been saying for some time now that the failures of the right wing blogosphere will be instrumental in putting the blue draperies back on the windows of the White House. That prediction is looking more and more likely with each passing day.

Today, still, Mitt the Flipper Romney has refused to agree to participate in the YouTube-affiliated Republican debate, scared off by a snowman. A recent post by Wizbang's Byrd doesn't even mention that Romney isn't participating, and with Fred Thompson still uncommitted that means that two of the top three Republican Presidential contenders are not scheduled to appear - and how can the right wing honestly call that a debate?

On the 'bits and bytes' front the Republicans are receiving a very severe ass kicking. In modern-day elections, which in recent years have at times come down to very small margins of victory, this difference could prove crucial.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (7)


Gawd, that's funny! A lobotomized Bushbot-era RNC frontgroup trying to get our would-be American Heroes and Walter Mittyish jihadi-killaz outta bed! Gotta laugh!

It's why the Zionists carry whips, BTW.

In the same spirit, who remembers the Victory Caucus Puppet Show?



Want some fun? Check out Mainewebreport.com


It appears that kim is always disposing her monthly rags on Wizblue.

The KOS link offered up as belonging to KOS is actually a residential Road Runner from Maine, of all places, posting on a Maine blogsite.


BTW, with that massive $75 contribution for Condolingus Rice, she is off to an historic run for something in CA.


michael has needs.

Lee Ward:

and Kos lives in Berkeley, California, not Maine. Looks like this mainewebreport clown has been caught in a lie.

I hope Kos chases this down and sues the punk.


Kos what? Far from the madding crowd?


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