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Snow the Liar Leaving White House

Fox News alum and White House Spokeperson-lip-mover-guy Tony Snow has announced he's leaving the White House "when his money runs out." Too bad he didn't choose to leave when the truth ran out... he'd have been gone right after this:

I bet the fluffy-haired boys and girls Snow left behind at Fox News are now falling all over themselves to be the next White House Spokesliar...

And although she haunts Hate Talk radio (ABC-owned KSFO, San Francisco) and the internet instead of Faux News, Melanie Morgan seems as if she's perfectly willing to mis-state the truth (heh) -- and to repeat the lie as many times as needed -- in order to smear White House critics:

"Stomped on and nuetralized"? Spoken like a true conservative thug! You're showing some pretty strong potential there, Morgan. Good work!

Feel free to nominate other potential candidates for White House Spokesliars in the comment section below. We'll compile the list and forward it to whoever is still left working at the White House next week for their consideration.

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Comments (6)

Tony Snow should have hired a financial planner before he took the job. If he had he might have known that the money would run out before Dubya's term was over.

Staying until the money runs out is a really lame excuse.

Steve Crickmore:

His cancer must be worrisome, but his excuse about money doesn't spell true commitment to the cause...On the lecture circuit, the well-heeled duped public will willingly pay alot more to be bamboozled than he could earn from the White House podium, mouthing the same fictions, without the harassment. I suppose if you feel you have to lie or misspeak to the American people so blatantly as the Jon Stewart video reveals, Snow's inner rationalization would be you may as well earn big easy money doing it..Have you ever known a Bush Republican who really wants to work hard for his living?

Lee Ward:

You're not suggesting that Tony Snow is lying about the reason he's leaving?

His cancer is reason enough to not slug it out in the White House cesspool press room. If the money thing is an excuse, he's not very creative in his deception.

Maybe it's just another sign that Rove is no longer on active duty at the White House. Snow's excuse smells like a fabrication, and a flimsy one at that, and with Rove gone maybe it's 'The Decider' trying to fend for himself in Rove's absentia.



Nominaton #1 Lee "The Thief" Ward


Tony Snow will be missed. He was a breath of fresh air.

Not sure who a good replacement would be though. It will be tough to replace Snow. I'm sure they will do just fine though, as long as they can spar with the horde of reporters trying to trip them up at every turn.

Lee Ward:

"as long as they can spar with the horde of reporters trying to trip them up at every turn."

Yes, very true. Not a fun job.


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