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Nunn Considering Indy Presidential Bid

Cold-war relic Sam Nunn is considering a Presidential bid according to the Atlanta Journal & Constitution.

In an hourlong interview, in his small office on Marietta Street on the edge of the Georgia Tech campus, Nunn acknowledged that he -- like former Georgia congressman Newt Gingrich -- is considering a run for the White House next year.

But unlike Gingrich, Nunn would run outside the traditional two-party structure.

"It's a possibility, not a probability," said Nunn, now the head of a nonprofit organization out to reduce the threat posed by nuclear, biological and chemical weaponry. "My own thinking is, it may be a time for the country to say, 'Timeout. The two-party system has served us well, historically, but it's not serving us now.'"

Maybe it's not the two-party system that is so bad; just that one of the parties has been hijacked by religious extremists and neoconservatives bent on embroiling America in endless wars overseas in the pursuit of almighty oil? Democrats like Sam Nunn have been enablers of the takeover of the US government by the military-industrial complex that is hell-bent on turning America into a police state equipped with a robot army and space-based weapons systems that can incinerate anyone who dares to oppose "democracy" as defined by ourselves. We don't need people like Sam Nunn to solve our problems. You ARE part of the problem Senator Nunn!

Nunn has been talking with the ridiculous Unity '08 organization which is dedicated to promoting a third-party ticket without staking out even the most benign positions on any of the major issues facing voters today. Third-party candidacies are extraordinarily difficult given the bias of our system toward two parties, but they are undoubtedly much more difficult if there is not a compelling issue or set of issues driving the campaign. Simply saying that the two major parties suck certainly won't be enough.

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Unity08 seems to be a Carlyle Group front. The Bush family, the Binladin family, Kissinger: all members until the 00 campaign, 9/11, and criminal fraud investigation, respectively. Up until that time, were heavily invested in the armaments industry. Still neck-deep in Saudi money and influence. So: create terrorists (Wahhabists) to fight terrorists (through military and technological outlays for profit).

The About Us page at Unity08 is funny. All those school kids. Riiiight!
...and a Carlyle exec or two as chaperones. I'm sure they vote on everything. Kidz rule!

As for one party hijacked by neoconservatives: half of the neoconservatives are morphing (even now) BACK to neoliberals (pro-war Left, i.e. Sam Nunn). You do remember the Ben Wattenbergs of the world, don't you? Marty Peretz and Bienart, Lantos, never went away. 200 others will materialize. Note the pro-war Democrat "top-tier".

The neo-confusion comes from the alliance on the Republican right with the pentacostal and charismatic Christians who mistake Israel:Nation with Israel:People. (It's pretty deep so I won't go into it.) They were/are the classic useful idiots. Following Darbyite preachers and their pet verses.

Whereas, the left neoliberals will rely on support from the "moderate" security hawks; the problem will be presented as cold foreign policy aims in aid of a "democracy".


This may be a hint to the big boys to try to pick someone besides Hillary. Nunn has an edge against all of the big three Republicans, and is a natural refuge for moderates frightened by Hillary. Pardon the redundancy.


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