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Barack Obama -- Cream Rises

It's an age-old adage that is true in politics as well. Cream rises, and I've noticed lately that Barack Obama has been raising his voice and speaking out on a number of issues in a way that is setting him apart not only from the putzes on the right, but from his fellow Democrats as well. He's doing less campaigning and less "sniping" at opponents, and more speeches and op-ed pieces which expand on his position and views.

His stock is rising, in my estimation, and it's a welcomed change:

With a lengthy interview and a series of stories out today, a speech planned for this afternoon and an Op-ed in a major newspaper, Illinois Senator Barack Obama's voice is rising above the din of the crowded presidential field this morning.

The Associated Press's Nedra Pickler reports from New Hampshire that Mr. Obama "predicted that black voter turnout would swell by at least 30 percent if he wins the presidential nomination." As we reported yesterday, in an interview, he also weighed in on how the "Obama Girl" video was playing with his family. Not particularly well.

And, the A.P.'s Ron Fournier, who caught up with Mr. Obama on the campaign trail in Iowa, notes that the Illinois senator acknowledged that it could be a "stretch" for voters to think of him as president:

"It's a stretch for them because I haven't been on the national scene for long and haven't gone through the conventional paths that we traditionally draw for our presidents, so they've got to stretch a little bit during a period where there's a lot of stuff going on internationally, right?" said the unusually self-aware Obama.

Mr. Obama also wrote an opinion piece today in the Miami Herald "calling for 'unrestricted rights' for Cuban Americans to visit and send money to family in Cuba." The Miami Herald's Beth Reinhard reports that the candidate will make his first visit to the Cuban-American enclave of Little Havana on Saturday.

Much has been made about Obama's relative lack of experience.

If 'experience' gets us the decision-making qualities of a Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, maybe instead of 'experience' what we need is the kind of clear thinking and articulation of a new direction that Obama now seems to be offering.

In a crowded field of politicians, Obama is rising above it all. Win or lose, it's an important change I hope we see more of as we approach the elections.

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Comments (9)


Obama needs to put his wife on the ticket. Let her be his Cheney. To run things.
Since it would be too awkward to switch roles, nominee and spouse, a husband-wife ticket would be novel and not dangerous.

The thing is, the Missus is WAY more interesting (and more able) than Obama, who seems to be mildly manic depressive. Up down, decent speech, zzzz.
Whereas Ms Obama is one incisive, funny dame. Every time I've seen her and I've seen her alot on C-span.

Plus she'll steal more black votes from the wife of our first black president (Clinton).
Mister Obama has liabilities that way. Some call him Fresh Prince, House Negro, etc. (I have "connections" in the hood, which is a very political place; it's all Hillary there.)

PS: Barak's Oprah vote is the white soccer mom vote. Hillary is very viable there too.

So it all comes back to the Hillary Quandary: she will probably win the nomination and lose the general. Draft Gore.

Steve Crickmore:

On the experience question...Obama has been a state senator for 7 years, a national senator for 2 and half years and a lecturer of constitutional law for ten years...Hillary has been a national senator for 6 and half years..and a first lady for 8 years...So it depends really on how useful, experience wise you think being a first lady was..I suppose since her job depends on keeping her marriage intact she managed.. just...But really as first lady with an enormous staff, you can make decisions of give advice without much fear of retribution..


Right, Obama, legitimize that Stalinist regime just as it's about to collapse. That's like nuking Nomad's Land in the vain hope that He Who Can't Be named has camped under the mushroom.

bD, the Black Widow will devour all gadflies.

I personally like Obama, but his campaign is now considering less participation in debates, probably to limit the comparative public view of both him and Clinton. Even though Obama continues to raise excellent funds, he has not fared as well when matched against Clinton. He needs to show steady improvement instead of withdrawal from some of these events. Clinton is probably unstoppable as the nominee, despite the best efforts of any of her challengers. Whether she can manage to clean up her image to win the general election still remains somewhat in doubt, though.

Lee Ward:

Paul Hooson: "...his campaign is now considering less participation in debates, probably to limit the comparative public view of both him and Clinton"

I agree. From an image standpoint Obama standing on a stage next to Hillary makes him 'one of them' and I think he's now trying to differentiate himself from the pack.

The amount of sniping between the Dems increased over the last two-three weeks - all to Hill's advantage in my view, so that's another reason and opportunity for Obama to step away from 'what is' and demonstrate more of what 'could be'.


And curdles in Cuba.

Lee Ward:

Obama's emerging platform on Cuba is winning him big points in traditionally GOP-supporting Florida, and we know how closely Florida has swung in recent past presidential elections.

Someday, if you actually have a point, feel free to make it kim. Till then why don't you wander someplace else - need help?


I'll make my points where I please, you can understand them if you can.

Lee Ward:

Have fun making your points... elsewhere.


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