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Franken Beats Rubber-Stamp Republican Coleman Like a Drum

This is a great ad. Check out Chris Bowers' post on MyDD about Franken's candidacy.

Franken's theme of labeling Coleman a "rubber-stamp Republican" is one that all Democrats running against Republican incumbents should adopt.

Franken is a classic people-powered progressive. He's not one of these empty suit, corporatist Republicans like Norm Coleman who have been bought and paid for by special interests.

George Bush is in Minnesota promising to rebuild the bridge that collapsed and holding a fundraiser for the doomed Coleman. Hopefully, this visit will remind all Minnesotans of Coleman's refusal to put an end to Bush's endless misadventure in Iraq and bring our troops home. Coleman is definitely beatable as shown in a Survey USA poll that shows him enjoy just a 49-42% lead over Franken. The same poll shows Coleman beating the other major Democratic candidate Mike Ciresi by an even smaller margin, 48-42%.

That's not a big lead this far out and it should close once Democrats rally around their primary winner. In the meantime, we need to keep reminding people that rubber-stamp Republicans like Norm Coleman are to blame for the fact that our troops are still stuck in the middle of a civil war in Iraq.

Al Franken for Senate
Act Blue for Franken

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