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Taking on the Liberals in Burke, Virginia

Okay, so it is a slow news day, for me at least, and it looks like my blog-mates are enjoying a nice Sunday off, so here's a Washington Post video piece that I think both conservatives and progressives will like. In it the Washington Post's Dana Milbank follows Republican Representative Tom Davis (R-VA) as he appears at a liberal/progressive town hall meeting on the Iraq war in the town of Burke, Virginia.

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Comments (9)

I didn't think Milbank or Davis had much to offer in that video.

For future reference, I would be interested in seeing video of a town hall type meeting between Davis and some real conservatives. Milbank noted the absence of Freepers as some benefit for Davis; I don't agree.

Lee, if you want to show us some real fireworks just wait until some real conservatives show up. They will eat him alive...and that will give you a nice post for Blue.

Lee Ward:

Milbank cited the absence of freepers as a benefit for Davis as it let him pander to the left without having to appease the freepers in the same forum.

Remember, this was an Iraq war "forum" not a candidate's debate. Rep Davis is hoping to run for Warner's US Senate seat, but Warner hasn't said he's not seeking re-election, so there is no "race" yet...however, Warner is 80 years old, so there is lots of speculation that he'll retire.

Interesting bit on Davis - as the same time Davis is trying to distance himself from the national GOP platform, and put some distance between him and Bush, he's having to appease the conservative-dominated Virginia GOP -- because in Virginia the GOP chooses the statewide candidates.

He may not survive that cut, and even if he does he has a long row to hoe to get elected...

Lee said:
"He may not survive that cut, and even if he does he has a long row to hoe to get elected..."

I missed the Milbank ref that the absence of Freepers was of benefit to Davis. Too many kids running around I guess, but I will listen again.

I think my overall point was clear...Davis is attemping a strategy (which you accurately described) that I despise...for the same reason I made comments elsewhere about Warner. Let them both find something to do outside of Washington.

Here is something I admired about Wellstone. He was a known quantity. You knew what you were dealing with and where he stood. Davis and Warner are wobblers (to borrow Maggy Thatcher's term).

I can work with conservatives (obviously, I am one) or liberals (sometimes), but never a wobbler.

Lee Ward:

I take it Mitt Romney is not your choice for President? He takes wobbling to new heights.

And I believe Giuliani's stint as a drag queen definitely qualifies as wobbling - he even wobbled in the high heels as he walked, lol.

Just curious who you see as a non-wobbler among the Republican Presidential hopefuls...?


You should have linked to the article instead of just the video. The audience comes off as a bunch of elite, white racist in the written article that did not show as much in the video. The video seem to want to ridicule Congressman Davis but the writeen article made clear how bigoted the audience was.

Lee Ward:

Progressive bigots exposed in the Washington Post - that bastion of blue bias? Writing about liberals who are bigoted??!!??

Shoots holes in the lies from the right about the MSM and bias, now doesn't it SD? Thanks.

The written article didn't "expose" anything. It revealed exactly what was revealed in the video -- the video however let you witness it for yourself, and what you saw were everyday Americans expresing frustration over the rubber-stamp actions of guys like Davis.

The video put a face on progressives, and it's much more fun for conservatives like SuperDestroyer to avoid the reality a video clip reveals, and rely instead on the imaginary images of outraged, bigoted progressives throwing invective at Davis that the written article gives them.

That's why they watch Fox News and Fox News only -- it gives them the visual stimulus while it protects them from reality at the same time. It lets them demonize their fellow Americans to their heart's content while avoiding the cold, hard truth.

"The audience comes off as a bunch of elite, white racist in the written article that did not show as much in the video."

And they may well have been bigoted, but they weren't racist. I'm sure that's just a poor choice of words on your part. They were definitely bigoted and close-minded with respect to the yacht-clubber Repubbie Tom Davis.

Or if you feel I'm wrong for calling you on using the racist card, what was it in the article that you feel demonstrated racism on their part, SD?

Come on, SuperDestroyer, shows us the demons in your mind, the ones that torment you about those racist progressives...



The sentiment in the article, more than the video, is that some human are more important than others. Fairfax Virginia has one of the most diverse populations in the U.S. Yet, the video showed a crowd of older whites making the argument that some human being are much more important than others. The article reported that the audience was saying that no one in the U.S. should care if a bunch of muslims want to kill each other.

Everyone knows that there will be a blood bath in Iraq after the U.S. leaves. That audience could not have cared less.

However, I bet the same audience would want U.S. military forces in Darfur (but of course not their own children) because the U.S. has no strategic interest there, so course, that makes it more important to the elite white leftist that were at the Unitarian church.

Lee Ward:

In other words, there is nothing in the article that points to racism on the part of the progressives attending the event, and you did in fact invent the bit you wrote about the article exposing racism that the video didn't show.

The demons in your mind are revealing, as are your lies.

"The article reported that the audience was saying that no one in the U.S. should care if a bunch of muslims want to kill each other."

So you try to cover your first lie, that the progressives were racist, with a new lie -- falsely claiming that members of the audience said "no one in the U.S. should care if a bunch of muslims want to kill each other.

Show us where in the article that people said that, Superdestroyer.

Lee Ward:

Looks like SuperD has headed for drydock - maybe he'll be back after he sobers up a bit.


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