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Larry Craig Arrest Report Video (satire)

The folks at SLATE produced a video re-enactment (and satirization) of the Larry Craig arrest report that was linked to earlier here on Wizbang Blue.

Senator Craig keeps repeating that he's not gay. Does that mean he's bisexual? Or is he just lying again?

Watching the video re-enactment it's difficult to imagine he was making those moves for reasons other than sex, but that's what he's telling us.

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Lee Ward:

This whole "family values" aspect within the GOP has been a Rove-based scam from the start - a way to gather votes, and in return the White House throws out a stem cell veto and an obligatory Flag burning amendment attempt.

The GOP and it's operatives like Craig, Romney, F Thompson, Giuliani et. al. flat out scam the American public. What's revealed is that Republicans are embracing the "family values" platform while cruising men's rooms and snorting coke.

We've been saying it all along, Larkin my friend, and it's just been a matter of time before they reveal themselves. Another mess here today with Craig, and you know more is on the way....

the timing is "magic"...


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