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The Liar Larry Craig's Police Reports (multiple)


CNN has obtained a copy of the police report, and that's Craig's official mugshot above. After reading the report I can't imagine how Craig can now profess his innocence. The police report is not ambiguous at all, and hey... Craig did plead guilty, probably hoping the entire matter would just quietly disappear. Once it surfaced and became front-page news then he decides he'll claim innocence instead.

In other words, he's not lying now when he says he's innocent, he wants us to believe he was lying back then when he said he was guilty...

Well, at least we can't call him a liar. Oh, wait -- my bad. He's admitting he's a liar, but says we should trust him now, and believe that he was lying when he said he was guilty.

He admits he's a liar, but he's not lying now, just back then.

Listening to these Republican 'family values' hypocrites give me headaches sometimes.

Here's the CNN report, with a link to the police report embedded, and additional links provide by CNN are included below.

In the report, the arresting officer alleges that Craig lingered outside a restroom stall where the officer was sitting, then entered the stall next door and blocked the stall door with his luggage. (Read the report [PDF])

As I said, reading the report reveals a lot more than what's been reported in the press. Here's some additional links:

Note: Contrary to some press reports, the complaint charged Craig with a violation of Minnesota State Statute 609.746(c)(1) "Interference with Privacy" -- aka Peeping. Craig is charged with peeping in on Sgt. Karsnia, spying in on him while he was in an area "where a reasonable person would have an expectation of privacy and has exposed or is likely to expose their intimate parts..."

UPDATE: And unlike President Bush, who stands by the liars in his administration until the bitter end, Mitt "Flipper" Romney has already flipped on Craig, decided he's guilty, and drop-kicked him into the next millennium (emphasis added).

"Once again, we've found people in Washington have not lived up to the level of respect and dignity that we would expect for somebody that gets elected to a position of high influence," Romney added. "He's no longer associated with my campaign, as you can imagine... I'm sorry to see that he has fallen short."

"We've" found people in Washington..? He actually used "We"?

Wrong, white-bread boy -- first, YOU found this clown and elevated him to an exalted status in your campaign administration, and now -- while Craig is still professing his innocence -- YOU'VE decided he's guilty and are distancing yourself from him as fast as your little flippers can take you.

Amazing display, Flippy. Democrats don't have to do a damn thing to defeat the Republicans lately. They do a fine job of defeating themselves!

And I have to say... love the U.S. flag lapel pin, Senator Craig. Thank you for not removing it. There's nothing more patriotic than seeing our flag draped on the lapel of a U.S. Senator's mugshot.

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Comments (12)

Paul Hamilton:

Craig cannot expect anyone to believe that everything he did that was in the complaint was anything other than seeking a sex partner. Unfortunately for him, he's now a very public liar as well as a toilet troll...

Lee Ward:

Craig claims he was loitering outside of the arresting officer's stall waiting for a stall to empty, but the report indicates that not all of the stalls were occupied at the time.

And the report also indicates that Craig was looking through crack between the stall door and the door frame at the officer seated inside.

"I was able to see Craig's blue eyes as he looked into my stall," the officer writes in the arrest report.


Lee...Crooks & Liars has a link to a great video re-enactment of Toiletgate, apparently done on a local newscast.

It's titled, "News Anchors re-enact Craig's Men's Room incident" and here is the link. Go down & click "play."



Kind of makes you wonder what was really going through his mind when he called Bill Clinton a "nasty, bad, naughty boy" back in 1999. It's no wonder Congress gets so little meaningful work done.


Can you imagine that, had this been a Democrat, Lorie ByrdBrain would have postings galore about this w/ her usual linkings to any number of rightie kookblogs, as she rarely, if ever, has an original thought of her own.


With Craig's denial that he is gay, Stefanie Miller this morning said that Craig just has a gay right foot.

BTW In case you are not familiar w/ Stefanie, The Stefanie Miller Show can be heard 9-12 noon EST on Seattle's streaming KPTK 1090 am. You might find some material in her daily broadcasts which are filled with satire and off-color humor directed at Republicans & their foibles.


Larkin...here is the link to Clinton being called a naughty nasty boy.


Lee Ward:

Let's all say our prayers that Craig decides to run for re-election. Pleeeeeeaaaassssee!"

Hoo-yah! (but I bet not)

Steve Crickmore:

Actually this is an issue- gay discrimination in the armed forces, the Democrats could knock out of the ball park for a home run, if any of them had the courage of their convictions to highlight and put the Republicans on the defensive. It would be as easy as knocking down a rotten door...You remember when all the Republican candiates in one debate, when asked, raied their hands unanamiously, and said they would continue with the "no ask no tell" policy (even though somnething like 80% of Americans disagree with it, and wouldn't discriminate on sexual orientation)

Mark Bishop:

Yeah Steve our soldiers should be able to fag off in the bathroom, Get blow jobs in their office, nail interns, like our leaders do.

Romney is being criticized for saying America expects its leaders to do better.

If he was a Dem he could lead the Military.

Lee Ward:

Romney's being criticized for not thoroughly investigating his high-level appointments.

Giuliani is equally guilty, having selected the cocaine-snorting Ravenel for his high-level faux paux.

And now we see Craig slipping into "ok I lied then but I'm not lying now mode" as Romney slips and flips into "he's guilty until proven innocent and I don't even know this guy" mode.

Romney says, in his best waffle-speak, "He's no longer associated with my campaign, as you can imagine..."

As we can imagine... And he leaves to the imagination the reason why! Because he's gay? Because he's lying?

Romney is not a leader - he's a putz.


Since Romney has been mentioned:

Romney made a point of wearing a leather jacket to the Laura Ingraham Show studios on the day (Tuesday) his Craig held his press conference.

It was radio, but Laura described it as a Fonzie-type and played the appropriate "Happy Days" theme overlayed with sampled "Aay"s.

I took it another way. Lou Reed, Mapplethorpe, inappropriate alien disguise.

Romney and Ghouliani are fun to watch!


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