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Is Larry Craig's Freudian Slip Showing?

Yes, and its appears to be a lovely pastel shade of Liar's Lavender.

No, no, Senator Craig - thank YOU! It's about time... and here we thought you would try to keep up this liar's ruse...

Uhm, you're not still in denial, are you Larry?

Okay, I know I know this is overdoing it now, but the dishonorable Senator Larry Craig (R-Stall 4) is still in office and lying... at the same time he's professing his "openess", so why not...

This next video is titled "Tap 3 Times":

I wonder if he's a pathological liar, or if this just a matter of Senator Larry Craig (R-estroom) trying to suck up some votes by being a good 'family values' Republican?

And is there any difference?

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You know I don't agree with you on much, but I have to say that was funny. I think I'll use that in some emails to friends....with proper attribution, of course.

Lee Ward:

Attribution isn't needed. Glad you found it humorous. A sense of humor will get us all through the trying months ahead...


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