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Pat Condell on: Unholy Scriptures

Pat Condell is an atheist with a non-apologetic, outspoken approach to expressing himself.

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Thanks for the links to Pat Condell...great stuff


Good post. Of course the guy is dead wrong but it gave me a break from reading. Good quality video repro, etc.

He's just trying WAY too hard: "When you go to church on Sunday" the way you do it (publicly) is all wrong, the closet, etc.

I'm suprised he didn't scold that the Sabbath is the 7th day (Saturday). Such a dig he missed there!

He reminds me of my dad, or me at age 19 enjoying an audience. I know where he's coming from, but he's ignorant...Revelation of St John the Divine, ie. "The Apocalypse" > apocalyptic language = symbology under a police state, the Roman Empire. (all borne out btw and Bush is a piker compared to Domitian)

I'll bet if it were written by the Moody Blues he'd take it seriously, though! Just a guess.

And that garden community smile of his: (oily and so self-satisfied (like my comments!) I'll bet he sprints from his car to his front door, whereupon he drops the keys at least twice.

And the "peace". An affect to guru himself some East End poontang. I can relate.


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