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Larry Craig's gay.com Personal Ad

(Bumped - numerous updates have been added since this was originally published yesterday)

The Wikipedia page for "Idaho United States Senate election, 2008" was revised at 15:33 GMT Friday, 8/31/07 to include a link to what was described as Senator Larry Craig's Personal Ad on the gay.com web site. Just under two hours later, at 17:23 GMT, the page was revised again - removing the link.

Here is the Wikipedia revision page showing the addition of the link. The author further refined the reference to the personal ad a few times, then a short while later a different Wikipedia author removed the reference to the gay.com ad in this revision.

At this point I have not been able to second source this, and I present it here strictly as what it is - an news item lead which is purported by the Wikipedia entry author to be a link to Senator Craig's personal ad.

This is a breaking and developing news story subject to future revision, retraction, or updates. The ad may be a hoax.

Note that the ad states that it was last revised on March 7th. I am attempting to cross check the physical description data included in the ad to see if it matches Senator Craig, and otherwise attempting to verify the authenticity of the advertisement.

The link below takes you directly to the gay.com website, and may not be suitable for a work environment (NSFW). You've been warned.

Here is the gay.com link that appeared for a few hours on the Wikipedia page in question.

This story is still developing. Additional updates to this story follow:

UPDATE 1: The obvious place to cross-check Senator Craig's actual height and weight to that stated in the ad (6'1" & 199 lbs) was the arrest report. Unfortunately the physical description on the arrest report has been redacted. If anyone has a link to a source for Senator Craig's height and weight, or other data which might help verify this as being Craig's ad or not, please add the info to the comments section below.

UPDATE 2: This Craig bio (para.2) indicates Senator Craig has 3 children, which matches what's stated in the ad. Second source on his having three children here.

UPDATE 3: The ad states the advertiser's age as 57, and Senator Craig is currently 62 years old, but many people lie about their age in personal ads. I'm leaning towards believing that this discrepancy reduces the likelihood that the ad was created by a hoaxster who just wants us to believe this is Craig's ad. In my opinion a hoaxster would have just used Craig's correct age in an attept to lend authenticity to the ad. Craig's true age is readily available on Wikipedia and other biographical web pages.

UPDATE 4: As of Saturday 9/1/07 05:00 GMT the gay.com ad states the advertiser's last login was "yesterday". I find it difficult to believe that Senator Craig would be inclined to visit the website in the midst of his current difficulties, or that if he did so he wouldn't erase the ad in the process.

UPDATE 5: The gay.com ad contains a profile listing interests hobbies, etc. Under "Home and Family" it contains the following: "Entertaining, Gardening, Home improvement, Parenting -- I have a big house -- full of relatives most of the time." This matches Craig's biographical data (senate.gov bio) which states that he lives on a ranch, and has 3 children and nine grandchildren.

UPDATE 6: With regards to an interest in gardening as listed in the gay.com ad profile, in an interview with Idaho Statesman reporter Dan Popkey conducted May 14, 2007 Senator Craig responds as follows to an allegation that he had a sexual encounter with a man in a men's room in Washington's Union Station (transcript) .

I am not gay and I have never been in a restroom in Union Station having sex with anybody. Have I been in a restroom in Union Station? Yeah, probably a couple of times I've gone there. Suzanne and I have gone there to eat. There's a great bookstore that I go every so often because of its gardening magazines; I go there to buy them

UPDATE 7: The 2nd photograph (screen right) on the senate.gov bio web page shows Craig wearing a watch on his left wrist that appears to have a black leather wristband similar to the watch worn in the photo on the gay.com website ad.

Archive and additional links:

  • Mike Rogers' October 17, 2006 outing of Senator Craig at blogactive.com
  • Dan Popkey's extensive investigative report published by the Idaho Statesman on August 28, 2007
  • Screenshot of the gay.com ad in question (archived August 31, 2007)

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Comments (7)

Lee Ward:

"So I guess when he says he's not gay he's technically telling the truth?"

Exactly - it's the 'artful dodge.'

Just like Bill Clinton saying "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" and in his mind Monica's fellatio didn't qualify as "relations" because it wasn't reciprocated.



Maybe Mike Rogers at http://www.blogactive.com/ could help you out. He posted on his blog last Oct. about Craig & he may have ideas on how to check the ad since it's a gay site.

Lee Ward:

Thank you, Michael -- good suggestion. And anyone who would prefer to email in information rather than post it on the comment thread can reach me at the following email address.


Interestingly, Larry Craig thanked everyone for "coming out" at his press conference; with the exception of himself of course.


But Paul, Larry is a "curious" bi-sexual w/ a wifey & kids, not a ha-mosexual. He swings.



Check out this link from comments on Wonkette: http://wonkette.com/politics/stealing-gonzo.s-thunder-dept%27/idaho-senator-larry-craig-arrested-in-mens-room-293922.php#c2247508

It has an internal link for cruisingforsex that highlights the notoriety of this airport Men's room.

Ya think Craig just stumbled in there for his one & only first-time experience? Or maybe he was lured in by Schummer?

Lee Ward:

"Or maybe he was lured in by Schummer?"

In another day or two Michelle Malkin will tell us the airport was built during Jimmy Carter's term in office, so it's Carter's fault.


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