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Coming Soon to a Political Theater Near You


The comedy stylings of cartoonist Bob Englehart:

Fred Thompson is fun to draw. Fred Thompson is a folksy guy. Fred Thompson is an actor. Who the heck is Fred Thompson? I've known a number of actors in my day and I've found something in common with most of them, particularly the ones who don't do comedies, improv or stand-up. They are an empty vessel. They have no personality, no verve. They are nothing until they are given a part to play, and then they come alive.

I know, Ronald Reagan was an actor, but he distinguished himself as governor of California before he was voted president. Fred Thompson did nothing in the Senate, besides play Fred Thompson, senator. If he's successful in his candidacy for high office, it will show how easily we voters can be duped in politics. Personally, I'd rather see Brad Pitt in the White House.

Thompson is the obvious choice for the 2008 Worst Leading Actor in a Hollow Vessel Award.

Cue Cards! Where's my cue cards!
Oh, they're sitting here on the podium right in front of me.

Poor Fred. That deer-in-the-headlights look of yours shows everyone the fear you have of performing live instead of being able to do a second take when you flub your lines. But real-life decision-making in the White House requires more than just reading your lines, Mr. Thompson. Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable trying out for one of the GOP's supporting roles -- such as Pharmaceutical Industry Lobbyist?

It's a shame too. If the Bush/Cheney team had enjoyed a successful second term I understand the GOP was planning to run an actor with experience in a role that visually captures and matches the fundamental core values and principles of the current administration....

Someone like this:

Steve Buscemi as "Norther Winslow" in Big Fish (2003)

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Comments (2)

Thompson probably is entering the race way too late to make any real difference, as well as lacks the work ethic necessary to win. In addition, his speeches are far less than inspiring. Thompson will be missing yet another upcoming Republican debate, probably to avoid the preparation work, to appear on Jay Leno's TONIGHT SHOW.

And as an actor, Thompson is only trained to read lines or tell people what they want to hear. And his fundraising so far has been dismal at just over $3 million. Need I say more. Thompson will likely soon fade as a serious candidate, setting up the 2008 Giuliani-Clinton showdown, of which Clinton will likely win, although she is far from my choice.

Lee Ward:

You mean our choice for the presidency will come down to the lesser of two evils? No surprise there.

I wonder if Clinton has the clackers to name Obama as her Veep. It would take some guts because with four years as Veep he'd be in an excellent position to run against her for the 2012 Presidential nomination.

Naw - she's not that brave. She'll look for a loyal lap-dog instead.


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