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Larry LaRocco Deserves Our Support

Larry LaRocco is running for the U.S. Senate seat in Idaho recently vacated by Larry Craig. LaRocco is a strong supporter of working Americans, and he deserves our support.

He's got an uphill battle in the very red state of Idaho -- no question about that -- but LaRocco is a can-do guy. In fact he won the very same Idaho House of Representatives post that Larry Craig vacated when he moved to the U.S. Senate in 1991. He can do it again.

LaRocco distinguished himself as a candidate for every-day Americans in his very first political race back in 1982:

LaRocco also gained notice that year for taking jobs for one week in each of the district's 19 counties. He worked on a garbage truck, picked apples, waited on tables, worked on a logging road crew and in a nursing home, and many others.

LaRocco walks the walk. He's one of us.

  • Larry LaRocco on ActBlue
  • Larry LaRocco for Senate website
  • Larry's Bio
  • Hauling trash with Simmons Sanitation
  • Shadowing a CNA at Beacon Hospital & Rehabilitation
  • Working at the Glanbia Foods cheese factory
  • Working with Nez Perce County Court Services
  • Working with the Boise Hawks Minor League baseball team
  • Working with the McCall Smokejumper Firefighters
  • Working shoulder to shoulder with carpenters (see video above)
  • Working on Tom Holm's farmWorking at a geothermal plant site

Larry's willing to do the hard work for the hard-working people of Idaho. Let's do our share and give Larry a helping hand. Donate if you can, and help spread the word about that guy in Idaho who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty helping Americans like you and me succeed.

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