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HIllary Clinton on Letterman About Iraq

Nice to see more than just a news sound bite or a quick 30 second debate answer on this complex subject. This is (according to the polls so far) our next President, speaking on Iraq and the next steps going forward (plus her top ten campaign promises).

Originally broadcast August 30, 2007.

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Comments (8)

Steve Crickmore:

Unfortunately, it seemed more like a six minute sound bite than a real interview ..Hillary says all the right things to her constituency, about Iraq... all the sacrifices that American soldiers made, but no mention of the half million Iraqi civilians who died or millions who were displaced...

Lee, I don't think she is a shoo-in.

I'd be interested in knowing what she is like to work with, from some of her other Senate colleagues?

Lee Ward:

Who do you think can steal this away from Hill?

And no politicians on either side have mentioned the tragedy that has been wrought on the Iraq citizenry.

The right won't cop to it because it makes them look like the incompetent, bungling buffoons they are...

and the left wont cop to it because it makes it even more difficult to walk away from Iraq and let the matters potentially worsen.

How can compassionate leftists "say get out of Iraq now - just walk away" and not acknowledge that it may make things very tough at street level.

Steve Crickmore:

Yes, you're right on Iraq...We have some reponsibilities there. Bush has pledged his word, as President for better or worse...Don't get me wrong Hillary is a pro. She says all the right things, and is a polished public speaker..Her policies are excellent on health care etc. I just don't care for her personally.

Wizbangclassic is building on the Hsu scandal..He's jumped bail..The state attorneys seem pretty lax..Money to Hsu was not difficult to obtain. And Hillary is sure to be tainted with this for easy money is never so easy, that it requires nothing in return..This has been the blind spot for the Clintons.


If Hillary gets the nomination it will be a squeaker in the general.

Hitler vs. Hillary: squeaker.

Stalin vs. Hillary: squeaker.

F'ing weak candidate.

Too much media yessing goin' on roun' h'yah!

Has she ever been tempered? As in steel? Nope.

Lee Ward:

I keep asking.. who can beat her?

Nobody has an answer...

Steve Crickmore:

Lee, the answer is 'a generic candidate'.. I think Rasmussen Reports have a slight tilt for the Republicans, but a 'generic Democract candidate' whoever that is, still has a better chance of defeating the Republicans than Hillary..Her electability ratings still aren't so high..

Lee Ward:

I agree that her negatives and a big negative. I don't think just anybody can beat Giuliani. Giuliani has positioned himself in the center, and I think he'd have good shot at beating Obama. I think he has less of a shot at beating Clinton.

I don't agree that a generic cardboard cutout of Mr Democrat would be a better choice. I do believe Gore is a better choice, but he ain't running...

Steve Crickmore:

I think what the poll shows is that there is still time and a large gap for someone like Bill Richardson to move into the role as the alternative or generic candidate, if the Hillary campaign stumbles.


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