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Fred Thompson Announces He's an Idiot

Right out of the gate Republican candidate Fred Thompson has proven himself to be a major-league idiot. What a pompous ass. He's too damned important to participate in a debate, so he runs a 30 second rehearsed, non-live, won't have to answer any questions television commercial...

sends an email to his supporters.... no risk there...

... then posts a 15 minute video on web site - again rehearsed, non-live, won't have to answer any questions there either.

This guy truly is an empty vessel, but don't take my word for it. Listen to the Republicans:

Fred D. Thompson launched his presidential bid Wednesday night on a late-night talk show in Burbank, Calif., as eight rivals for the Republican presidential nomination hashed out their differences across the country in a New Hampshire debate.

"I'm running for president of the United States," the former Tennessee senator told a cheering crowd on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

An actor known to millions as a matter-of-fact district attorney on NBC's "Law and Order," Thompson set out quickly to capture the support of conservatives who have been wary of the party's top White House contenders.

In an e-mail to supporters, he said it was "critical that we address our nation's challenges through the core ideals of self-governance, free markets, and the rule of law."

But Thompson's absence from the New Hampshire debate on Fox News made him the butt of jokes by opponents.

"Maybe we're up past his bedtime," said Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

"The people of New Hampshire expect to see you," McCain added. "They expect to see you a lot."

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas said he had given up his own spot on "The Tonight Show" because "I'd rather be in New Hampshire with these fine people."[...]

Some New Hampshire Republicans were miffed. Fergus Cullen, chairman of the state party, expressed disappointment that Thompson was "trading jokes" on the Leno show while opponents debated in New Hampshire. "I just think they're sending the wrong message to New Hampshire voters," Cullen said.

Thompson is not a man of the people, he's a empty-headed actor who is afraid to answer questions. What a total, absolute moron...

The right-wing blogging hypocrites called the Democrats "chicken" for boycotting the Fox debates, and here's Fat Head Fred doing the same. What an idiot...

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Comments (9)

Thompson's non-live videos are more interesting and informative than the live debates from all the second-rate Republican candidates we've been subjected to.


He's running a campaign that's new, a new style, something that's never been tried before. I personally think the jury is still out on this.

May he take some hits, yes. But I think in the long run this was probably a better idea than joining in the debate. Especially this early in the game. I mean, how many times do you have to state the same thing over and over?

I personally like the style. I hope it works out for him. We'll see in the coming months. If he gets stronger in polls, and if he wins the election it will most likely set a new trend in politics. It's a history making way to start off a campaign and if it works, he'll be lauded as a genius. If it fails because it's new and goes against the grain of established methods. So what? Well, at least he didn't lemming us to death in the old way, that in and of itself says something about the man. He dares to try something new.


It's Hill vs. Rudy Giuliani. Why do we have to go through this boring song and dance to get there? I say let's start moving early primaries up to November of the year before, when people are already going out to vote for mayors and city councilmembers and whatnot.


I want to hear more and more about his red pickup truck campaign. (he switched to a Caddy when people were not looking)

Lee Ward:

Jason: "Thompson's non-live videos are more interesting and informative than the live debates from all the second-rate Republican candidates we've been subjected to"

He could (and should) have appeared in the debate and launched the web video. By not appearing in the debate except in his polished 30 second ad he showed an aloofness that is absolutely amazing.

There nothing that would have prevented him from announcing on Leno Tuesday night and appearing in the debate on Wednesday night. Thompson is lying when he suggests that he had to accept the Leno show Wednesday night -- you think Leno would have turned Thompson down for his big announcement on Tuesday night instead? Of course not.

Darby: "If it fails because it's new and goes against the grain of established methods. So what?"

Sounds like BUsh re: Iraq - we'll try it and if it fails, who cares?

We need a President who makes good choices. Thompson had four months to make this big step - he totally and completely botched it, thumbing his nose at the American people in the process. What a total idiot....

The really goofy thing about the Thompson campaign is that many Republican Party conservatives are looking to support some silly right wing candidate like this simply because of his right wing ideology and ignoring far more qualified and serious candidates already in the race like a former war hero held prisoner by the Vietnamese, the former mayor of America's largest city, or a successful businessman who organized the olympics and was elected governor of one of the most Democratic states in the nation.

In 2000 and 2004, conservatives rallied around the former drunken son of a failed former president, and look what we have now. English is like a second language to this guy who has some of the most absurd presidential quotes in American history.

For the mere sake of ideology, conservatives are willing to put some of the most silly, absurd,ignorant and unqualified men in the White House. Terrorists never did as much damage to the country as these unqualified conservatives have done.

Lee Ward:

Most Republicans don't care who is in the White House as long as it isn't a Democrat. All they seem to care about is abortion and stem cell and flag-burning, and making sure those brown-skins are hunted down.


Well said, Paul, especially the last line.


Fred Thompson = Freakin Idiot


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