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The Collapsing Republican Party

The Wall Street Journal has a story on the disintegrating Republican Party:

Longtime Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio this year conducted an exhaustive survey of his party's voters to update one he did in 1997. He found that the party is significantly older and more conservative than it was a decade ago. That, he says, suggests a Republican Party increasingly at risk of being seen "as very old-fashioned, very old and not in touch with the realities of today's society."

In Mr. Fabrizio's 2007 survey of Republicans, more than seven out of 10 call themselves conservatives, up 16 percentage points from 55% in 1997. Those who call themselves moderate or liberal Republicans have declined 17 points, to just a quarter of the party from 42% a decade ago.

While the party continues its lurch to the right and alienate moderates in its rank, the Democrats have scored impressive gains with three key voting groups: young voters, Hispanics, and Independents.

In the 2006 congressional elections, Democrats won all three groups. Voters 18 to 29 years old favored Democrats over Republicans by 60% to 38%, exit polls showed. Hispanics favored Democrats 69% to 30%; Republicans' share was 14 percentage points lower than its Hispanic vote in congressional elections two years earlier. Independents went for Democrats 57% to 39%; in 2004, Democrats only narrowly got more votes than Republicans.

Vin Weber, strategist and former Republican congressman lays out the bad news for Republican partisans:

"The state of the Republican Party is worse than any time since Watergate, and arguably this is worse than Watergate, because that was about an event, whereas this may reflect a trend."

Rasmussen has some polling data that shows Democrats have opened up a breathtaking 18 point lead in the generic Congressional ballot preference. Couple this with the overwhelming fund raising advantage that the Democrats have established and you have a very hostile environment for Republicans competing in the 2008 elections.

On top of all this, Republicans have now been greeted by yet another sex scandal with the unfolding of Larry Craig's alleged attempt at a gay liaison in a Minneapolis airport bathroom. This should further undercut the Party with its strongest voting group, evangelicals and social extremists.

We need to do everything we can to hasten the demise of the Republican Party which has been hijacked by religious extremists and neoconservatives bent on spreading war and destruction around the world. These people are dangerous and they have to be stopped. None of the Republican presidential candidates (save Ron Paul) are willing to take them on. There is, therefore, no hope for the Republican Party. It has to be crushed at the polls again and again until its leaders come to their sense or the party disintegrates altogether.

You can help make this a reality at Act Blue.

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Comments (7)


yeah, but what is the democratic party platform? what are their values? why should anyone join them? just because the republican party is doing poorly right now does not mean that the democratic party ideology is winning.

i know lots of people who are frustrated with the republicans on illegal immigration, the sex scandals, and with pork in congress. how are the democrats any better?

the thing is, over here on Blue, I see lots of bashing of the Republicans, conservatives, and the US, but I don't see anything really extolling the virtues of the democrats. if all you have is bashing the other guy, any gains you get will be wiped out in short order.

Lee Ward:

Thanks for the advice, ke_future. We will give your suggestions all of the consideration they deserve.

Lee Ward:

Besides, speaking for myself, exposing the lies from the right is just plain fun!

This country knows they've been lied to for the past six years by the liars in the White House. The question is, do they know that all of leading Republican candidates for president are liars as well?

They do if they read Wizbang Blue.

Unfortunately it is only Iraq that is keeping many younger voters away from the Republican Party in my opinion. In the 1980's many young people were with Ronald Reagan. Party loyalty unfortunately can shift way too easy in the opposite way.

Lee Ward:

And you'll notice how the same people (and I use that term loosely) from the right who say "polls are worthless" are quick to point out the sagging polls that show that Democratic Congress approval rating is very low.


i didn't ask about polls, lee. i asked how the democrats are better than the republicans when it comes to scandals and things like pork in congress. if all you can point to are polls, all you're telling me is that the democrats have better PR not better ideas or integrity.

Lee Ward:

We're in the primaries now ke -- it isn't time to convince voters that they should vote Democratic, that comes after the candidates for each respective party are chosen. We can then discuss the demo vs republican platform's etc.

Neither party will have a platform until we have a candidate first.

You knew that right? You're just bored from reading the crap that passes for blog posts over on Wizbang, so you're stirring up a little trouble over here, right? Can't blame you at all.

And yes, we have far better PR - way more Internet savvy, better candidates, less flip-flopping, far less hypocrisy ----

Perfect? No. Democrats are honest about our faults, and we're human. Hilary has a mess of baggage, and if you polled the writers on this site you wont' find any enthusiastic about her candidacy. I'd say the majority of us are Richardson, Gore and Obama fans, by far, over Clinton.


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