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Who Won Last Night's Republican Debate?

Wondering who won last night's Fox Republican Debate in New Hampshire? I don't think there was a clear winner... Huckabee made a good showing. He's "feeling his oats" and felt emboldened enough from his Iowa straw poll showing to step up and take on Ron Paul, but other than that I don't think the debate offered a clear winner.

There is a bigger question though, who lost?

And there the answer is very clear. The American people lost.

A leading Republican candidate for President decided that appearing in front of the American people and allowing himself to be judged in comparison while explaining his positions -- just didn't matter.

Letting the American people know where he stands, and how his views differ -- just wasn't important.

Being on stage live, without cue cards -- was just too frightening.

Giving the American people more than canned commercials and webcast proclamations from a mount on high -- was not a consideration.

Allowing the American people to make an informed and considered choice -- no, not Fred Thompson. He'll hand down from on high the information he wants you to know when he feels it's important for you to know it.

America lost last night. We lost the right to listen to all of the options, then decide and choose.

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