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Bush in Rare Form at What he Calls the 'Opec Summit in Austria'

The leader of the free world upstaged the comic protesters at the Apec Summit in Sydney. Bush made so many gaffes at the Sydney Summit, he was lucky he wasn't arrested as a protester for his performance. As 'The Times' reports 'Bush gaffes cap off calamitous Apec summit'

The 21 nations that make up the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum account for half the world's trade. They have, however, long suspected that the biggest member, the United States, does not take it all that seriously.

George Bush, the US President, did nothing to dispel that impression today when he forgot the name of the event, referred to his Australian hosts as "Austrians", and engaged in a public spat with the President of South Korea,..

The worst mistake of all came in the third sentence of his speech. "Thank you for being such a fine host for the Opec summit," he said, (They were still laughing with him at this point).

But (later) when he referred gratefully to Mr Howard's forces in Iraq as "Austrian troops", he had perhaps used up his credit (There was no laughter with Herr Bush for this faux pas).

See Australian video to see how Bush's performance compares with the protesters.

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Comments (4)

Lee Ward:

That GWB - he's such a card! Yuk Yuk...

Paul Hamilton:

Too bad that protective wall the Aussies put up wasn't soundproof, huh?


Mistaking these 2 very same countries was used as the establishing device to introduce "DUMB" in "Dumb and Dumber". TP Yale!

Fortunately, the White House narrative records W reading 60 books per year, three at a time, and enjoying a nice Camus. writer/cognac....Osama/Saddaam

Steve Crickmore:

"Or maybe his bubble wrap is getting a little tight"


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